Series 1: Large Photographic Prints

Series 1 contains photographic prints measuring 11 inches by 14 inches or larger. The majority of the photographs are matte-framed. Some of the images are dated, with the dates ranging from 1850 to 1900.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


12th St. From Washington Ave. South, 92'
17x14 in photograph of Twelfth Street from Washington Avenue looking south.
4th Fa. Chesnut N. 1872
14.75x13 in photograph of 4th Street in St. Louis looking north toward Chestnut Street. The streetscape includes the front facade of the Planter's Hotel, the offices of the Vandalia Line, and a museum.
Benoist Home 8th & Pine
14x11 in Photograph of the Benoist Home at the corner of 8th Street and Pine. The Benoist family is most strongly associated with the banking firm of Louis A. Benoist & Company.
Benoist Residence in 1790
20x16 in Photograph of the Benoist Home at the northeast corner of Main and Elm. The Benoist family is most strongly associated with the banking firm of Louis A. Benoist & Company.
Boatman's Bank Building
14x11 in photograph of the old Boatman's Bank building in March of 1900. A sign for Shapleigh Hardware adorns the building and there is an advertisement in the foreground for recreational boating on the Meramec River.
14x11 in photograph of storefronts along Broadway with the Keevil hat shop visible in the center.
Chouteau Mansion
20x16 in photograph of the Chouteau Mansion in 1869.
Chouteau Pond. 1850.
20x16 in photograph of Chouteau Pond in 1850 with what may be McDowell Medical College in the distance.
Christ Church
14x11 in photograph of the interior of Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis.
Cracker Castle
20x16 in photograph of the Cracker Castle at the corner of St. Ange and Chouteau in 1870. The house was built in 1868 for Jonathan O. Pierce, who gained his wealth through the selling of hardtack during the Civil War. Within a few years, the home was sold to Fidelio C. Sharp, a lawyer and partner in the firm of Sharp & Broadhead.
Dr. McDowell's Old Medical College
20x16 in photograph of McDowell Medical College, later know as the Gratiot Street Prison. Subtitle reads "Ninth and Gratiot Streets. Built in 1840 / The college at Eight and Gratiot Streets was built in 1847."
Early Trolley
14x11 in photograph of the horse-drawn 93 Zoological Garden trolley in front of W. H. Mepham Real Estate.
Germania Club. 1875
14x11 in photograph of the Germania Club in St. Louis.
Grant's Log Cabin
14x11 in photograph of the cabin Ulysses S. Grant built and lived briefly in with his family in 1856. The cabin, also called Hardscrabble, was moved several times. As this photograph is undated, it is unclear where the picture was taken.
Gratiot. St. Rebel Prison
11x14 in photograph of the Gratiot Street Prison or what was the McDowell Medical College at 8th and Gratiot.
H. Shaw's Residence
20x16 in photograph of the downtown home of the St. Louis philanthropist Henry Shaw. The back of the frame reads "H. Shaw's Residence, 7th & Locust 1889." Henry Shaw died in 1889 around the time this photograph was taken. In his will, Shaw requested that this home be dismantled and moved to the grounds of the Missouri Botanical Garden. It was rebuilt on Tower Grove Avenue near Magnolia.
Lindell Hotel-1865
20x16 in photograph of the first Lindell Hotel in 1865 prior to
Old Courthouse. 1870.
20x16 in photograph of a one-story log structure. The front is labeled Old Courthouse. 1870. On the back is written "1st Theatre / Blacksmith."
Old High School. 1870.
16x20 in photograph of the first public high school in St. Louis at the corner of Fifteenth Street and Olive Street in 1870. The building was built in 1855 in the Lucas Place neighborhood.
Old Jail 6th + Chestnut. 1870.
20x16 in photograph labeled "Old Jail 6th + Chestnut. 1870." The picture is of a two story building with different facades on each floor. The second floor appears to be older as it is made of large limestone blocks and has narrow windows. The first floor is covered in brick and has larger windows. It is topped by a cornice supported by brick corbels.
Old Marine Hospital
14x11 in photograph of the old marine hospital in St. Louis.
Old Masonic Bl'g. Oct. 1886.
20x16 in photograph of the old Masonic Hall taken in October of 1886.
Pierre Chouteau Residence
16x20 in photograph of the house of Pierre Chouteau. Caption reads "East side of main Street south of Washington Avenue built in 1832." The Durkee & Bullock Banking House is also in the photo.
Planter's Hotel. 1874
14x11 in photograph of the Planter's Hotel in 1874 from the southeast corner looking across Market Street.
Roof Garden U.T. Blg: 1894
20x16 in photograph labeled "Roof Garden U.T. Blg: 1894." The back reads "From Bartlett, Stix Law Firm / Jan 13, 1964." The image is of people sitting at tables in a glass enclosure filled with plants.
Spanish Fort near Mullanphy Stt.
This is a 12.25x10 in photograph of the old Spanish fort near Mullanphy Street. The Mississippi River and a steamboat appear in the background.
St. Louis Court House
16x20 in photograph of the St. Louis Court House in 1870.
St. Louis Levee. 1850
12.25x10 in photograph of the St. Louis riverfront in 1850 lined with steamboats.


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