National Inland Waterways

Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library
National Inland Waterways Volume 1, Number 5
Editorials, p. 38 Waterways -- The Diversion of Trade to Abnormal Channels (Richard Selden Harvey), p. 7 Our Country's Greatest Need - Transportation (James E. Smith), p. 10 Standardized Barges Planned for New York State Canal (Gordon P. Gleason), p. 11 A National System of Transportation (Richard Waterman), p. 14 The Ohio - A River of Commerce (Robert Salade), p. 21 Up Green River to Mammoth Cave (Donald T. Wright), p. 29 Memphis and the Revival of River Traffic (J. Mack Gamble), P. 33 Florida's Highways and Inland Waterways, p. 37 Mississippi Valley Waterways Association Convention, p. 65 Palmy Days of Steamboating on the Ohio, p. 70 Ports and Terminals -- Motorizing Terminals (B. F. Fitch), p. 17 Freight Handling in England as Applied to Our Home Problem (Capt. F. T. Chambers), p. 25 World Trade and the Port of Philadelphia, p. 41 Ports and Harbors of South America, West and North Coast (William A. Reid), p. 47 New Orleans Lead in War Grain in Shipments, p. 64 The Development of Pennsylvania's Only Lake Port, p. 74 World Trade -- Russia, Its Resources and Its Possibilities (John F Wahl), p. 57 Business in Mexico As It Is Today, p. 60 Opportunities for American Exporters in the Argentine Republic (Dr. T. A. LeBreton), p. 59 ------ Factors Affecting Present Day Prices (Francis R. Sisson), p. 62 Mechanical Conveyors Solve Many Problems, p. 68 High Time to Get Back to the Land, p. 66 Delaware's Unique Highway System, p. 67 Business Elements Which Govern Chinese Trade, p. 72 A Reporter's Vision of Presque Isle Peninsula (Paul Trescott Robarts), p. 35
National Inland Waterways Volume 1, Number 6
Editorials - 38; Killing the New York Barge Canal - By Gordon P. Gleason, 7; Deeper Channels in the Great Lakes - By Francis C. Shenehon, 13; Annual Convention of the Mississippi Valley Waterways Association - 17; Utilization of Our Navigable Waterways as an Economic Necessity - By John M. Parker,19; Water Transportation in the Mississippi Valley - By Hon. John H. Small, 21; The Reconstruction Period and Waterborne Transportation - By Harry H. Merrick, 26; The Relation of Our Inland Waterways to Foreign Commerce - By Hon, Joshua W. Alexander, 28; Methods Through Which Traffic Was Diverted from the Rivers - By Major Gen. Lansing H. Beach, 30; Federal Waterway Control as a Constructive Experiment - By Brig. Gen. Frank T. Hines, 34; The Needs and Difficulties of River Improvements - By Hon. Cleveland A. Newton, 41; Annual Report of President James E. Smith of the Mississippi Valley Waterways Association - 47; River-Rail Terminals for the Lower Mississippi River - By Liet. Col. John R. Fordyce, 54; The Merchant Marine To-day - By Rear-Admiral W. S. Benson, 55; A Nation Wide Waterway System Advocated - 59; Effect of the War on the Foreign Trade of the United States - 63; Motor Vehicle Traffic Which Required the Use of Cement Concrete Foundations - By W. G. Thompson, 64; Ship by the Port of Erie - By William L. Morrison, 67; Erie Water Works Department - 72; Waterway Transportation for General Electric Company Traffic - By Robert H. Rogers, 75.

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