M-113: St. Louis Imprints Collection

The St. Louis Imprints Collection at the St. Louis Mercantile Library contains approximately 8,000 items documenting the printing history of St. Louis, from its beginnings in 1808, to the end of World War II in 1945. Formats include books, broadsides, pamphlets, serials, prints and maps. The collection covers the widest array of topics, from history and law, to art and literature, and includes important first printings, such as the first book printed in English west of the Mississippi, The Laws of the Louisiana Territory (1808), and long runs of rare periodicals and newspapers for this region. M-113: St. Louis Imprints Collection is also indexed within the special collections directory of the St. Louis Mercantile Library.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


Police Guide and Directory of St. Louis
A tourist guide and directory for the year 1884, it is authored by a nine year veteran of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Force and contains maps of commuter railroad lines, descriptions of resorts and businesses along each of these lines, and illustrations of prominent buildings and attractions throughout the city.
Shewey's Pictorial St. Louis Past and Present
Shewey's Pictorial St. Louis is an illustrated guide to the life and times of St. Louisans and the buildings around them. Detailed descriptions of significant structures and historical events.
St. Louis County and Town Directory
1901 directory for the businesses, residents, and post offices of St. Louis County, Missouri. The population of St. Louis County was still considerably smaller than the city at this time and many older communities such as Bobring, Centaur, and Gumbo were still in existence decades before their consolidation into later, larger municipalities.
St. Louis Taxpayers' Directory
This directory provides a list of taxpayers in the city of St. Louis for the year 1900 who were assessed at $1,000.00 or over for personal and property taxes. It includes their names, addresses, and assessed taxes.
Stranger's Guide to St. Louis
WHAT TO SEE AND HOW TO SEE IT, IN AND AROUND THE CITY, COMPRISING NOTICES OF EVERY OBJECT OF INTEREST TO STRANGERS INCLUDING public buildings, churches, hotels, public halls, places of amusement and recreation, parks, gardens, libraries, reading rooms, literary institutions, etc., etc., WITH CITY MAP AND ILLUSTRATIONS.
Street Railway, Hotel and Park Guide of the City of St. Louis
This is a small pocket-sized street directory for the city of St. Louis. It lists street names alphabetically with their beginning and ending points, street railway lines, ward boundaries, hotels, and parks. While it has no publication date, research suggests that is was published in the late 1880’s, possibly 1888 or 1889.
Taos, A Romance of the Massacre
A fictionalized account of the Taos massacre, wherein many Native Americans and Hispanics were killed by U.S. government forces in response to the killing of Territorial Governor Charles Bent and other Americans. Apparently based upon someone's experience in Taos during the massacre. The first work of fiction published in Missouri, and the first work of New Mexico fiction. Contains a plan of the plaza where the massacre happened., Everpoint was the pseudonym for Joesph M. Field.
The Federal Reserve Bank With Special Reference to District No. 8
This booklet treats briefly of the Federal Reserve Act, but it gives in detail facts and figures that show the vastness of the resources and the diversity of products of a great and growing section—this Eighth Federal Reserve District, including parts of Missouri, Illinois, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Mississippi.
The Illustrated Guide of St. Louis
1896 guide book to St. Louis along with descriptions of places and images of buildings.
The Masonic Manual and St. Louis Guide
A handbook produced for visitors to the Knights Templar Triennial Conclave of 1886 hosted in St. Louis, it lists Missouri members of the various Masonic Bodies, has advertisements for Mason supported businesses, and features descriptive guides for many major points of interest in St. Louis, including parks, libraries, sports teams, and buildings.
The Merchants Laclede National Bank of St. Louis
Contains an overview of banking in the city of St. Louis and the state of Missouri at around the turn of the 20th century, as well as a detailed description of the Merchants-Laclede Bank., "Reprinted from the daily papers of St. Louis, with historical notes."
The Saint Louis of To-Day
Travel guide to St. Louis with an index of businesses and illustrations of buildings in 1888 put together by the Western Commercial Travellers' Association.
The St. Louis Complete Business Directory for 1858
A complete business directory containing a listing and an index of St. Louis businesses for the year 1858 beginning with Agents-Advertising and ending with Wool Dealers.
The Whole Story Told: The Dark and Mysterious Places of St. Louis
A salacious look at the people and places of Saint Louis that at the time carried a less than sterling reputation. Includes entries on the morgue; the levee; Kerry Patch; Clabber Alley; Morgan Street; opium joints; Biddle Street; confidence men; crap playing; the boodle racket; cheap lodging houses; turf exchanges; pawnbrokers; gilded sin; lottery ticket sellers; doing the slums; Clark Avenue dives; sharks at the (Union) Depot; street fakirs; mock auctions; suggestions (for travel in the city); places of interest; and showing up the dives.
Third Annual Bulletin of the Engineers' Club of St. Louis
This bulletin for the year 1898 contains a program for the club's activities, annual reports, transcripts of addresses given at the annual dinner, library rules and recent additions to the collection, a list of technical publications in other St. Louis libraries, and various other matters including articles, club rules, and past presidents. Additionally, it lists club members, including occupations, addresses, and the date they became a member. The bulletin ends with an advertising directory.
Tracy's Guide to Missouri and St. Louis
Containing: I. A Colored Township Map of Missouri, corrected down to the time of publication. II. A Colored Map of the City of St. Louis, showing the Wards, Lines of Street Railroads, etc. III. A Colored Outline Map, showing the Railroad Connections of St. Louis and the West. IV. Table of Stations, Distances and Connections, for all Railroads leading out of St. Louis, embracing nearly one thousand stations on seventeen Railroads, with a combined length of about four thousand miles. V. Statistics of the counties of Missouri, showing for each county its population, area in acres, assessed value of land, average value per acre, value of real and personal property, number of farms, value of farm products, value of manufactured products, number of schools, children of school age, children attending. VI. List of nearly five hundred cities, towns and villages in Missouri, showing population, number of business houses, with directions for travelers or shippers to reach them most conveniently. VII. Brief sketch of Missouri and St. Louis. VIII. Brief sketch of the Counties of Missouri.
Watson & Co.'s Classified Business Directory of St. Louis and Other Enterprising Cities of Missouri and Illinois, 1899-1900
This directory predominately lists business in the city of St. Louis, but it does contain brief lists of business from cities and towns in the metropolitan area around St. Louis in both Missouri and Illinois., Includes directories for other Illinois cities: Alton, East Saint Louis, Belleville, Murphysboro, Centralia, Vandalia, Edwardsville, Litchfield, Mt. Vernon, DuQuoin, Chester, Sparta, Collinsville, Waterloo, Nashville, Carlyle, Greenville, Salem, Highland, Lebanon, Carbondale, Hillsboro, Virdin, Pinckneyville, Girard, Mt. Olive, Staunton, Ashley, Carlinville, Carrollton, White Hall, Roodhouse,and Jerseyville; also Missouri cities: Saint Charles, DeSoto, Washington, Sainte Genevieve, Kirkwood, and Webster Groves.


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