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These books are cataloged within the circulating and non-circulating collections of the Thomas Jefferson Library, but are purchased and shelved separately as part of the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library.
John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library


The northeast rail crisis : the financing needs of Conrail as reflected...
Preliminary draft July 22, 1975 -- For discussion purposes only. 'A national program for equity financing of fixed plant rehabilitation by ConRail and other carriers with funding from both the federal and private sectors: "The Railroad Rehabilitation and improvement Act of 1975".'
Annual report of the president and directors of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Co. (Eastern Division) for the year 1865
Annual Report for the Eastern Division of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company in 1865. Covers expenses and statistics for passengers, freight, mail, etc.
1924 guide to California published by the Union Pacific System. Includes illustrations, photographs, and descriptive text.
1939 guide to California published by the Union Pacific System. Includes illustrations, photographs, and descriptive text. It includes descriptions of the planned 1940 World's Fair, the Boulder Dam, the Grand Canyon, Mount Zion, and other features.
Charters and Organization
Articles of incorporation and charter for the Ohio & Mississippi Railway Company published in 1876. Includes a history of the creation of the company through the incorporation of railroad and railway companies in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio from 1848 to 1872.
Instructions for the Running of Trains, Etc., on the New York and Erie Railroad
1854 Rule book for the Erie Railroad., Scanned by Abram Burnett and submitted by Art Dowd.
J. West Goodwin's Pacific Railway Business Guide & Gazetteer of Missouri and Kansas, For 1867-8
The directory contains a complete business listing of all the towns along the Missouri Pacific and Union Pacific Railway between St. Louis, Missouri and Junction City, Kansas. This listing is complemented by a brief description or history of the most prominent towns along the lines, along with the names of the principle firms doing business, their advertisements, and other information including a fold-out map of Missouri and Kansas, a gazetteer and a shipper's guide.
Mechanical Instructions for Enginemen
This work was made for the Burlington Lines beginning in January of 1946. It was revised in 1951 and issued again in 1954. It provided instructions to engineers and firemen in the care and operation of locomotives. Mastery of these instructions helped firemen maintain their positions and gain promotion to the rank of engineer. Engineers and firemen were required to carry this book with them while on the job.
O.M. Mitchell's report of preliminary recognisance of the country between Cincinnati and St. Louis
1848 survey by O. M. Mitchel for the possible course of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad from Cincinnati to St. Louis.
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad
Evaluation of the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad conducted by Edward Mansfield in 1852.
Railroads of Missouri
A collection of speeches and papers including: To the citizens of the State of Missouri -- Letter from Capt. J.W. Reid -- Speech of Judge Treat at the celebration of the opening of the first division of the North Missouri Railroad, at St. Charles -- The Railroad system of Missouri / by M. Tarver -- On the plans proposed to complete the Missouri Railroads : a letter from Thomas Allen -- Cost of Pacific Railroad -- Change of lien / by T.S. O'Sullivan.


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