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These books are cataloged within the circulating and non-circulating collections of the Thomas Jefferson Library, but are purchased and shelved separately as part of the John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library.
John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library


Statement made to Senate committee of the Nevada legislature.
Documents from the Nevada State Senate relating to the Central Pacific Railway.
The Central Pacific Railroad connecting the great cities of the Atlantic with San Francisco and Puget Sound...
description of the proposed route of the Central Pacific Railroad route.
The Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company vs. Garrad Davis
Summary of a personal injury suit before the Supreme Court of Indiana brought by Garrard Davis against the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad Company. Davis and his family were crossing railroad tracks by wagon and his team was struck by an engine. Davis and his wife were both deaf and could not hear the engine approaching.
The SPV-2000
Brochure marketing the SPV-2000 self-propelled train car.
The charter of the Ohio and Mississippi Rail Road Company
1848 charter of the Ohio and Mississippi Rail Road Company granted by the General Assembly of the state of Indiana. This group was led by Abner T. Ellis and included such figures as Robert Campbell, James E. Yeatman, and John O'Fallon among its directors. 23 pages ; 22 cm
White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia November 12-13-14, 1951
Publication of a meeting held in 1951 by the Freight Traffic Department of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company. It includes a map of the Chesapeake District, a map of the Pere Marquette District, miles of road operated, expenditures made for improvements & new equipment, revenue tons of freight originated and received and connections, loaded cars interchanged, freight car and locomotive purchases and ownership, five years in review, merchandise revenues, and geographical, historical, and other information.
Yearbook of Railroad Facts 1966
Railroad statistics compiled by the Association of American Railroads for the year 1966.
Your railroad : a service institution.
Orientation booklet for new employees of the Missouri Pacific Railroad.


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