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St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


Boulevard Apartments
Max Starkloff, director of Paraquad at the new Boulevard Apartments, 4545 Forest Park…Max is shown in the swimming pool area…with some apartments around him..
Eads Bridge and Bell Angeline
Barge on which Belle Angeline was constructed, Eads Bridge can be seen in background.
Old Newsboys Day Chairmen From 1957-1986- 09
Maj. Gen. Leif J. [(Jack)] Sverdrup, second right, with three of the top figures of World War II in the Pacific. From left, Gens. Walter C. Krueger, Douglas MacArthur and George C. Kenney... 1960.
Walter Schubert--North St.Louis Trust Co.
Walter Schubert, an employee of the North St. Louis Trust Co., was approached first by the robber during the holdup.
"A "Pin Money" Check
"A "pin money" check representing proceeds from a Thrift Shop operated by the aero Chart Women's Club at the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center, Second and Arsenal streets, is shown to Col. Wilfred B. Ashworth, the center's deputy commander, by Mrs. Norval R. Seeley, 8109 Ellerton, Overland (left) and Mrs. Albert Litwa, 9827 Eastbrook, Overland, co-chairman of the shop which serves Chart Center employees.
"Addiction to Alcohol and Narcotics" Medical Forum
At Medical Forum on "Addiction to Alcohol and Narcotics" are (left to right) Dr. Kenneth R. Nelson, Dr. Walter T. Gunn, chairman of the panel; Lt. Col. Milton S. Agnew of the Salvation Army and Capt. Thomas Brooks of the St. Louis police narcotics squad.
"After You."
St. Louis County's plans to replace about a dozen one-lane bridges with wider roadways may make situations like the one shown here a thing of the past. Car in foreground is waiting for one in background as it crosses the bridge.
"And So I Said To the top Sergeant, I Said…"
Stories of the hardships of camp life, of exploits on the baseball diamond and of life back home circulate freelyat C.M.T.C. dances.
"Around the World in 80 Days" Carpet Bags
"Around the World in 80 Days" Carpet Bags, exact reproductions of the bags made famous in Mike Todd's outstanding motion picture are presented to the top Junior Diplomat winners, Ronald Robinson and James Williams. Making the presentation is Howard Zuluaf, manager of the Esquire Theater, where the picture "Around the World in 80 Days" is currently showing. The boys and their parents will see the picture as guests of the theater management before departing on their Junior Diplomat prize winning Swiss tour.
"Brune is A Slum Lord"
An image of one of the posters made by a tenant in protest of the landlord of the building.
"Frontier Days" at Fashion Show
"Rehearsing for Fashion Show: Two of the participants in Wednesday's Globe-Democrat Bicentennial pageant of Fashions at Kiel Auditorium, Bonnie Schroeder (left) and Marilyn Mueth, model attire of the 'Frontier Days.' A cast of 100 went through a final rehearsal Tuesday for the show, which will be presented in afternoon and evening performances in the convention hall. Women's fashions will be traced from the founding of St. Louis in 1764 to this year's spring styles."
"Frontier Days" at Fashion Show
"Displaying frontier fashions of 1849 are models Bonnie Schroeder (left) and Marilyn Mueth, who appear under a model of the Gateway Arch in the Gateway to the West number, a prelude to the opening of 1964 style presentations."
"Give Me The Money In Right Draw"--Mercantile Trust Co.
Note used by bandits was apparently made with letters cut from a magazine. This note was left at Mercantile Trust Company Bank.
"Hang Your Clothes On A Hickory Limb
The first Missouri militiamen swam in Mill Creek and the Mississippi River, but the members of the 138th, after the chlorinated water is put in, are going to have a swimming pool.
"Inside Stuff" At Jefferson Barracks CMTC
Citizens Military Training Camp recruits learning to lace putties, handle their duffle bags and put on their military outfits.
"Integrate Jefferson Bank and Trust Company"
Demonstrators laid on the ground in front of the Jefferson Bank and Trust Company.
"It's official, Baer sculpture, that is..."
The Arthur B. Baer Memorial Sculpture will become official Friday with dedication ceremonies beginning at 11 a.m. in front of the main entrance of the Cervantes Convention Center.
"Operations Progress" Radio Panel
"'Operations Progress' radio panel discusses the proposed $100,000,000 public improvement bond issue over KWK. From left are Aloys P. Kaufmann, president of the St. Louis Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce; Mayor Raymond R. Tucker; Justin L. Faherty, KWK Public Affairs director and Assistant to the Publisher of the Globe-Democrat, who was moderator, and John Costello and D. Goodrich Gamble of the Globe-Democrat staff."
"Operations Progress" Radio Panel
"Discussing how 'Ol' Man River Doubles in Brass -- Business and Recreation' on KWK and KWK-TV's 'Operations Progress' (from left): Coast Guard Capt. Charles Carlstedt; President A. C. Ingersoll of the Federal Barge Lines; Moderator Justin L. Faherty, director of public affairs for the stations and assistant to the publisher of the Globe-Democrat; Fred Hume, assistant to the publisher of the Waterways Journal, and Commodore Maurice Napper of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The program was simulcast yesterday."
"Operations Progress" on Radio Station KWK
"Traffic law enforcement is discussed by a four-member panel on the 'Operations Progress' program over radio station KWK. Seated, from left, are City Judge Morris Rosenthal, City Judge Robert G. Dowd, program moderator Justin L. Faherty, Carroll Donohue, president of the St. Louis Bar Association, and Louis Antoine, chairman of the street and highway traffic safety committee of the St. Louis Safety Council. Program announcer Mark J. O'Brien is standing."
"Operations Progress" on Radio Station KWK
"The opening of school is discussed over Radio Station KWK's 'Operation Progress' program. Seated, from left, are: Philip J. Hickey, superintendent of instruction, St. Louis Board of Education, Dr. John L. Bracken, chairman of Co-operating Schools, St. Louis County; Justin L. Faherty, assistant to the publisher of the Globe-Democrat and public affairs director of KWK, who served as moderator; Rev. J. T. Curtin, superintendent of Catholic High Schools, Archdiocese of St. Louis, and Herbert Moldenhauer, assistant principal, Lutheran High School. The announcer is Mark O'Brien."
"Operations Progress" on Radio Station KWK
"The public housing program her is discussed over Radio Station KWK's 'Operation Progress' program. From the left are Arthur Blumeyer, chairman of the St. Louis Housing Authority; James Crowe, an attorney for the authority; Justin Faherty, assistant to the publisher of the Globe-Democrat and public affairs director of KWK, the panel moderator; Ray Noonan, commissioner for the authority; Hamilton Thornton, assistant editor of the editorial page of the Globe-Democrat, and Paul Kaveny, an attorney for the authority."
"Saddest Sacks"
Selling Old Newsboys editions at Page Boulevard and North & South Road are these "Saddest Sacks," Colin Yoho, Henry Boyd, Bill White, Carl Phillips and Norris Hamilton.
"Sorry Closed For Today" Sign
A sign on door of Anchor Distributors, 1619 Washington
"Tranquility" Comes To City Hall
"Tranquility" comes to City Hall, at least in the form of this mural, one of six which now grace the office of Supply Commissioner R. K. Bennett (standing at right).
"We made it," Says $1,000 Prize Winner
Stanley Poniewaz, right, won $1,000 and Kelly Laster won $500 in The Globe-Democrat License Lottery game.
"Winter Sycamores"
"Winter Sycamores," by William Bauer was a big favorite at the show. Its admires are General American Life Insurance Company's employees Barbara Beheiter, hattie Sucher and Dorothy Ettien.
$1,000 Prize 'Will Pay for Christmas'
William Nahn of Affton clutches the $1,000 he won in The Globe-Democrat Great Car and Cash Giveaway.


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