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St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


Boulevard Apartments
Max Starkloff, director of Paraquad at the new Boulevard Apartments, 4545 Forest Park…Max is shown in the swimming pool area…with some apartments around him..
Eads Bridge and Bell Angeline
Barge on which Belle Angeline was constructed, Eads Bridge can be seen in background.
Old Newsboys Day Chairmen From 1957-1986- 09
Maj. Gen. Leif J. [(Jack)] Sverdrup, second right, with three of the top figures of World War II in the Pacific. From left, Gens. Walter C. Krueger, Douglas MacArthur and George C. Kenney... 1960.
Sixth Billionth Cartridge
"Beauty and the bullets! Attractive Georgia Summers, of 5193 Cabanne avenue, employee at the United States Cartridge Company, operating the St. Louis Ordnance plant, can well be a pinup girl for the armed forces in this photo where she displays the sixth billionth cartridge produced at the plant. The six billion milestone was reached this year and Miss Summers is shown placing the cartridge on display with the previous billion markers."
Walter Schubert--North St.Louis Trust Co.
Walter Schubert, an employee of the North St. Louis Trust Co., was approached first by the robber during the holdup.
"42nd Street"
"A stage full of singers and dancers get ready to open a new Broadway musical in '42nd Street,' David Merrick's prize-winning musical that celebrates the glamour, glitter and glory of the theatre. '42nd Street' will be presented for the first time on The Muny stage in Forest Park. August 12-18."
"A "Pin Money" Check
"A "pin money" check representing proceeds from a Thrift Shop operated by the aero Chart Women's Club at the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center, Second and Arsenal streets, is shown to Col. Wilfred B. Ashworth, the center's deputy commander, by Mrs. Norval R. Seeley, 8109 Ellerton, Overland (left) and Mrs. Albert Litwa, 9827 Eastbrook, Overland, co-chairman of the shop which serves Chart Center employees.
"A Special Tour of the Army Finance Center"
"A special tour of the Army Finance Center, 4300 Goodfellow Blvd., was made yesterday by 100 civic, business and school officials as part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the Women's Army Corps which has over 300 members stationed there. Lt. Col. E. B. Whaley, extreme left, chief of the allotment division, explained the operations of that division to a group of the visitors."
"Addiction to Alcohol and Narcotics" Medical Forum
At Medical Forum on "Addiction to Alcohol and Narcotics" are (left to right) Dr. Kenneth R. Nelson, Dr. Walter T. Gunn, chairman of the panel; Lt. Col. Milton S. Agnew of the Salvation Army and Capt. Thomas Brooks of the St. Louis police narcotics squad.
"After You."
St. Louis County's plans to replace about a dozen one-lane bridges with wider roadways may make situations like the one shown here a thing of the past. Car in foreground is waiting for one in background as it crosses the bridge.
"All Right For The Girls"
"All Right For The Girls," exclaimed Mike Malloy, 17, a student at Christian Fundamental High School, who was required to wear a bathing cap at the Maplewood swimming pool Sunday because of his long hair.
"Ammunition Plant to Reopen"
"This is part of the St. Louis Army Ammunition Plant at 4800 Goodfellow which is being reopened immediately to produce artillery shells for the war in Vietnam. In this building, the forging building at Goodfellow and Highway 70, casings are shaped for 105-millimeter projectiles."
"And So I Said To the top Sergeant, I Said…"
Stories of the hardships of camp life, of exploits on the baseball diamond and of life back home circulate freelyat C.M.T.C. dances.
"Around the World in 80 Days" Carpet Bags
"Around the World in 80 Days" Carpet Bags, exact reproductions of the bags made famous in Mike Todd's outstanding motion picture are presented to the top Junior Diplomat winners, Ronald Robinson and James Williams. Making the presentation is Howard Zuluaf, manager of the Esquire Theater, where the picture "Around the World in 80 Days" is currently showing. The boys and their parents will see the picture as guests of the theater management before departing on their Junior Diplomat prize winning Swiss tour.
"Brigadoon" Rehearsal
"Three of the principals in 'Brigadoon,' which opens the Muny Opera's thirty-second season tonight, get off for a bit of private practice in a corner of the new rehearsal hall. They are James Mitchell, Virginia Bosler and Olga Lunick. At right is a view of the imposing exterior of the new structure, part of a $750,000 expansion program at the theater."
"Brune is A Slum Lord"
An image of one of the posters made by a tenant in protest of the landlord of the building.
"Bullets are Born"
"Uncanny contrivances and thousands of keen-eyed inspectors armed with gages and micrometers ride herd on the millions of tumbling embryo cartridges for machine gun and rifle as they rattle with deafening clamor from one powerful machine to another at the government-owned Ordnance Plant here, operated by the U.S. Cartridge Company. Cartridges appear to consist of only four simple pieces: the bullet, the case, the powder and the primer, but their mass manufacture in astronomical quantities requires the same highly exacting standard employed in the making of a fine watch. This photo shows a unique inspection machine at the Local Ordnance Plant--one of more than 20 such plants throughout the United States. Just as a dentist puts a mirror in a patient's mouth to examine it, so does this case inspection machine hold a mirror to mouths of cartridge cases as they roll off the assembly line. By looking into the mirror, the inspector can tell whether the inside of the cartridge cases is perfect and that no foreign matter has lodged inside."
"Musical director Edwin McArthur took the chorus through "East Wind," the season's third production, beginning June 26. Here they're singing 'Con-Gai' from that musical."
"Designed to Attract Pedestrians"
"The view in this rendering looks northwest from the intersection of Broadway and Pine into the Broadway front entrance of the planned Metropolitan Square development in downtown St. Louis. Plans for the luxury office tower were announced today by the developer, Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. To encourage pedestrian traffic, a covered arcade will encircle the building's exterior, while a pedestrian plaza will front the length of the building along Broadway with seating areas and changing displays of flowers. The granite base will totally conceal approximately 1,000 parking spaces on seven levels, four of which will "wrap" around the lobby."
"Employes of the Records Administration Center"
"Employes of the Records Administration Center, 4300 Goodfellow Blvd., hold plaques recently awarded by the Greater St. Louis Community Chest. The center received more awards for records achieved in the past campaigns than any other organization in St. Louis. From left, standing, are Mrs. Velma Mullins, Mr. LeRoy Dandridge, Miss Leah Carter, Mr. Donald F. Schaper, Mrs. Freida Valley, Mr. Bennie Randle, Mr. James F. Turner, Mr. Leon Gross, Mr. Thomas Davis, Mr. David Ross, Mr. Robert Henderson, Mr. John Collet. From left, sitting are Miss Mabel Taylor, Mr. Lester Norvell, Mrs. Elva Chapman, Mrs. Ruth Hlavaty, Lt. John Delagarza Jr., chairman of drive, Col. H. h. Newman, commanding officer; Miss Doris Hermeling, Mr. James Conley, Mr. Robert Roller and Mrs. Margaret Stephens."
"Examining Diseased Elm Tree"
"Examining diseased elm tree west on Muny Opera stage are, left, William Zalken, Muny Opera manager, Louis W. Buckowitz, director of parks, recreation and forestry, and G.F. Griesenauer, city landscape architect."
"Free To Those Who Are Needy"
Neighborhood residents avail themselves of free firewood. At right is the "Free Table" where residents and non-residents, known and unknown, leave or take clothing etc., without the necessity of going through a third party.
"Frontier Days" at Fashion Show
"Rehearsing for Fashion Show: Two of the participants in Wednesday's Globe-Democrat Bicentennial pageant of Fashions at Kiel Auditorium, Bonnie Schroeder (left) and Marilyn Mueth, model attire of the 'Frontier Days.' A cast of 100 went through a final rehearsal Tuesday for the show, which will be presented in afternoon and evening performances in the convention hall. Women's fashions will be traced from the founding of St. Louis in 1764 to this year's spring styles."
"Frontier Days" at Fashion Show
"Displaying frontier fashions of 1849 are models Bonnie Schroeder (left) and Marilyn Mueth, who appear under a model of the Gateway Arch in the Gateway to the West number, a prelude to the opening of 1964 style presentations."
"Gage and Weigh"
"St. Louis, MO.-- completed machine gun and rifle cartridges get their semi-final graduation test on a miniature merry-go-round called a 'gage and weigh' machine, shown here. Each of the 'spokes' of this carousel for cartridges is a scale, delicately balanced with a weight sufficient to keep it horizontal if the cartridge is of standard weight. Otherwise, it is kicked off. If the cartridge finishes its ride, it gets the 'brass ring' and is ready for graduation--actual 'acceptance firing' in the Proof House of the Ordnance Plant."
"Give Me The Money In Right Draw"--Mercantile Trust Co.
Note used by bandits was apparently made with letters cut from a magazine. This note was left at Mercantile Trust Company Bank.
"Grim-Faced Fortress"
Convent of Good Shepherd at 3801 Gravois, is a grim-faced fortress that houses love and understanding that has reclaimed thousands of St. Louis girls in the last 100 years.
"Hang Your Clothes On A Hickory Limb
The first Missouri militiamen swam in Mill Creek and the Mississippi River, but the members of the 138th, after the chlorinated water is put in, are going to have a swimming pool.


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