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St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


"In the Aircraft Industry, Too"
"Women are playing a more important role in the aircraft industry, too. Miss Luci Koorman (left) and Miss Florence Weishaar are attaching friction strings to sections of engine cowlings for an advanced combat training plane (left) and one of the 36-passenger transports (right) at Curtiss-Wright."
"Inside Stuff" At Jefferson Barracks CMTC
Citizens Military Training Camp recruits learning to lace putties, handle their duffle bags and put on their military outfits.
"Integrate Jefferson Bank and Trust Company"
Demonstrators laid on the ground in front of the Jefferson Bank and Trust Company.
"It's official, Baer sculpture, that is..."
The Arthur B. Baer Memorial Sculpture will become official Friday with dedication ceremonies beginning at 11 a.m. in front of the main entrance of the Cervantes Convention Center.
"Meet Me in St. Louis"
"Meeting in St. Louis for the opening of the Muny Opera's 1960 season are first nighters, who saw the world stage premiere of 'Meet Me in St. Louis.' The adaptation of the movie story, set at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, will be presented in 10 more performances nightly through June 19. It stars Peggy King, Virginia Gibson, Mary Wickes and Howard St. John."
"Missouri's Tallest Building"
"The 41-story Metropolitan Square, which will face Broadway at Olive Street, right, will top One Bell Center, Southwestern Bell Corp.'s headquarters, right background, as Missouri's tallest building. An arcade under a 100-foot tall atrium will connect the development's low-rise section below, with high-rise tower."
"My Sled Got Stuck"
Mrs. Warren E. Hearnes was one of the last Women of Achievement to receive her orchid, "I'm late," she said, "my sled got stuck." Globe-Democrat publisher, G. Duncan Bauman, and Mrs. Joel Harris were on hand to greet her.
"No Admittance"
Man looks at "Positively No Admittance" sign on a gate at one of the Municipal Opera's entrances.
"Operations Progress" Radio Panel
"'Operations Progress' radio panel discusses the proposed $100,000,000 public improvement bond issue over KWK. From left are Aloys P. Kaufmann, president of the St. Louis Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce; Mayor Raymond R. Tucker; Justin L. Faherty, KWK Public Affairs director and Assistant to the Publisher of the Globe-Democrat, who was moderator, and John Costello and D. Goodrich Gamble of the Globe-Democrat staff."
"Operations Progress" Radio Panel
"Discussing how 'Ol' Man River Doubles in Brass -- Business and Recreation' on KWK and KWK-TV's 'Operations Progress' (from left): Coast Guard Capt. Charles Carlstedt; President A. C. Ingersoll of the Federal Barge Lines; Moderator Justin L. Faherty, director of public affairs for the stations and assistant to the publisher of the Globe-Democrat; Fred Hume, assistant to the publisher of the Waterways Journal, and Commodore Maurice Napper of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The program was simulcast yesterday."
"Operations Progress" on Radio Station KWK
"Traffic law enforcement is discussed by a four-member panel on the 'Operations Progress' program over radio station KWK. Seated, from left, are City Judge Morris Rosenthal, City Judge Robert G. Dowd, program moderator Justin L. Faherty, Carroll Donohue, president of the St. Louis Bar Association, and Louis Antoine, chairman of the street and highway traffic safety committee of the St. Louis Safety Council. Program announcer Mark J. O'Brien is standing."
"Operations Progress" on Radio Station KWK
"The opening of school is discussed over Radio Station KWK's 'Operation Progress' program. Seated, from left, are: Philip J. Hickey, superintendent of instruction, St. Louis Board of Education, Dr. John L. Bracken, chairman of Co-operating Schools, St. Louis County; Justin L. Faherty, assistant to the publisher of the Globe-Democrat and public affairs director of KWK, who served as moderator; Rev. J. T. Curtin, superintendent of Catholic High Schools, Archdiocese of St. Louis, and Herbert Moldenhauer, assistant principal, Lutheran High School. The announcer is Mark O'Brien."
"Operations Progress" on Radio Station KWK
"The public housing program her is discussed over Radio Station KWK's 'Operation Progress' program. From the left are Arthur Blumeyer, chairman of the St. Louis Housing Authority; James Crowe, an attorney for the authority; Justin Faherty, assistant to the publisher of the Globe-Democrat and public affairs director of KWK, the panel moderator; Ray Noonan, commissioner for the authority; Hamilton Thornton, assistant editor of the editorial page of the Globe-Democrat, and Paul Kaveny, an attorney for the authority."
"Quieter Than the Rustle of Leaves"
"Two of the four huge blower fans that are being installed at the Municipal Opera in Forest Park are shown. Larry Boehm (left), and Gil Brennell, superintendent for the Sodeman Heat and Power Company, will aid in installing the fans. The fans, which will circulate cool air in the lower area of the outdoor theater, are capable of moving 25,000 cubic feet of air per minute. So silently will these blowers operate--one engineer has described them as 'quieter than the rustle of leaves'--they will not interfere with the audience hearing the shows on the stage."
"Run For Youth" Globe Run
"The start of the four-mile run, as they head south on Ballas road at Clayton Rd."
"Saddest Sacks"
Selling Old Newsboys editions at Page Boulevard and North & South Road are these "Saddest Sacks," Colin Yoho, Henry Boyd, Bill White, Carl Phillips and Norris Hamilton.
"Show Boat"
"It's full steam ahead for 'Show Boat,' as wardrobe master Peter Messineo and the department's seamstresses check off alterations for next week's production."
"Municipal opera opened its thirty-fourth season in the open-air theater in Forest Park last night and some 8000 persons were on hand for the first night. A threat of showers fortunately failed to materialize. The opening production, 'Showboat,' will run 10 more nights. Below, a scene from the Kern-Hammerstein musical with Edwin Steffe as Capt. Eddie (center)."
"Silent Joy of a Dedication"
"Globe-Democrat photographer Jack Fahland captures excitement of deaf youngsters from the St. Louis Hearing and Speech Center Monday as balloons are released during downtown dedication ceremonies for the center's new $40,000 Sound of Happiness mobile testing unit. The 30-foot bus, staffed and equipped to give hearing tests, will be in service at various locations. The woman is Mrs. Corley Thompson, executive director of the center."
"Small Arms Ammunition Plant Grows Rapidly"
Three male employees work hard in constructing the structure for the Small Arms Plant.
"Sorry Closed For Today" Sign
A sign on door of Anchor Distributors, 1619 Washington
"South Pacific"
"Crowds take their seats as the thirty-ninth season of the Municipal Opera opens with the presentation of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical play 'Soth Pacific.' Looking much like a baseball crowd they brought pillows and other means of comfort for tonight of entertainment under the stars."
"South Pacific" Rehearsal
"Singers and dancers rehearse Thursday for the July 9-15 performances of 'South Pacific' at the Municipal Opera. Directing them is Sharon Halley, assistant choreographer."
"Thanks, Globe-Democrat"
"A billboard on North Hanley Road in North St. Louis County pays tribute to The Globe-Democrat." The billboard reads "Thanks, Globe-Democrat. You made St. Louis better."
"The Fighting Father Dunne"
"Sister Saint Flora, sister of Father Peter Dunne, whose life is related in the RKO picture "The Fighting Father Dunne," came to the St. Joseph Mother House, 6400 Minnesota Ave., to preview the film yesterday afternoon. Many of the nuns who saw the film with her (right) had had long association with Father Dunne and his work. Sister Saint Flora, 78, has been a Sister of St. Joseph 59 years and her work has largely in institutions for children before her retirement last year to Nazareth Convent in Lemay. The picture will have its world premiere in St. Louis May 11."
"This Is A Day I Always Look Forward To"
"This is a day I always look forward to," declared 1961 Woman of Achievement, Mrs. Albert H. Toma. She and Mrs. Donald Quicksilver (left), a 1966 Woman of Achievement are among 130 outstanding women The Globe-Democrat has recognized since the tradition was begun 14 years ago.
"Tranquility" Comes To City Hall
"Tranquility" comes to City Hall, at least in the form of this mural, one of six which now grace the office of Supply Commissioner R. K. Bennett (standing at right).
"We made it," Says $1,000 Prize Winner
Stanley Poniewaz, right, won $1,000 and Kelly Laster won $500 in The Globe-Democrat License Lottery game.


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