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55-piece African American Band
Here is part of the new 55-piece Negro band at Jefferson Barracks, with the director, Technical Sergeant C. K. Young, at left. The band, compromised principally of soldier musicians who have played with top name bands in the country, made its debut yesterday when inspected by Maj. Gen. Irving J. Phillipson of Washington, executive director of the Army Emergency Relief, who came to the city in connection with the opening Monday night of the soldier show, "This Is the Army." The band introduced a new war song, "We Gotta Get Busy," the lyrics of which were written by Col. Thomas J. J. Christian, commanding officer at the post, and Mrs. Christian. The music was written by two members of the band.
5th & Walnut Streets
1866. 5th & Walnut St.s
6 More Jailed for 1963 Jefferson Bank Protest
Six more Jefferson Bank and Trust Co. racial demonstrators were jailed Thursday on orders of Circuit Judge Michael J. Scott for criminal contempt of court.
6 O'clock Has Been Missing For 7 Years
The Numeral "6," mysteriously missing since 1971 from the big outdoor clock above the main 12th Boulevard entrance to City Hall.
60's Renovations of Muny Opera
Old seats being removed and prepared for new ones.
6000 Soldiers
A crowd of 6000 soldiers and civilian attended the second round of the C.M.T.C. amateur boxing tournament at Jefferson Barracks and here is a section of the C.M.T.C. crowd showing the boys from Missouri and Illinois cheering their favorites, booing the boys from the other states and showing general indifference in other cases.
612 Hooked on Fishing at Clinic
Brandon Bedair, left, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bedair of Chesterfield, and Brad Robinson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Robinson of Ellisville, watch Clinton Carr fillet a bluegill during the 9th annual Globe-Democrat Fishing Clinic Saturday.
65-Foot-Long Mural At County Bank of Tower Grove
A portion of the 65-foot-long mural at County Bank of Tower Grove, 3134 S. Grand Blvd., are shown above.
65-Foot-Long Mural At County Bank of Tower Grove
A portion of the 65-foot-long mural at County Bank of Tower Grove, 3134 S. Grand Blvd., are shown above.
65-Foot-Long Mural At County Bank of Tower Grove
A portion of the 65-foot-long mural at County Bank of Tower Grove, 3134 S. Grand Blvd., are shown above.
65-Foot-Long Mural At County Bank of Tower Grove
A portion of the 65-foot-long mural at County Bank of Tower Grove, 3134 S. Grand Blvd., are shown above.
8th and Walnut
A view from 8th and Walnut streets of the construction of the General American Life Insurance Co. national headquarters.
9.8-Horsepower Merc 110
Dependable Motors like this 9.8-horsepower Merc 110, shown in use at a favorite fishing hole, will be displayed by St. Louis Sports Sales with other 1966 models at The Globe-Democrat Modern Living Show, March 22-26.
94th Aero Squadron Restaurant
Image of a machine gun enclosed around several sandbags. One of the many items of WWI memorabilia at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant. The building is modeled after Eddie Rickenbacker's farmhouse headquarters in France during the first World War.
A "Toll Gate" For the Heart-Lung Fund
A "Toll Gate" to stop the death toll among young heart sufferers is operated by youngsters in the Yorkshire Hills subdivision. They have stopped all cars to ask drivers for contributions to the Heart-Lung Fund. A total of $40 was collected the first eight hours.
A $200 Donation to Mile o' Dimes
Mrs. Grace Rosenblum, center, president of the Necktie Worker's Organization, is shown presenting a $200 check to Dr. Chester A. Poe in behalf of her organization at the start of the Wellston Mile o' Dimes drive. The photograph was snapped at the Wellston booth at Hodiamont and Easton avenues. The funds collected in the Wellston campaign will be turned over to the Globe-Democrat-KMOX Mile o' Dimes drive.
A $750,000 Project
At the left is a photograph of the building as it appears today, and at right is a sketch showing how it will appear after the work will appear after the work is completed.
A 15-Year-Old Double Winner
Marrin Lewis, Ladue High School student, walked off with the three-best shot trophy and another for boy golfers 15 or under in the Hole-in-One meet. Marrin's average of 5 feet, 6 inches for three shots was the best in the 19-year history of the tournament.
A Baby and a Llama- 01
A baby with their mom, petting the llama.
A Baby and a Llama- 02
A baby is skeptical about petting a llama with their mom.
A Bad Day for the South
Bill Helfrecht (54) of Glendale was the intended receiver of this long pass from South quarterback Ed Jewell, but a fine defensive play by three North players stopped the possible completion. The only identifiable player from the North is Don Wood (40) of University City. The play occurred in the last quarter of the Missouri All Star High School football game at Busch Stadium Saturday.
A Beatle Banner
Leaning over an unfurled banner, excited youngsters view the Beatles through cameras and binoculars. At left, a boy with a Beetle haircut sits quietly.
A Beau And A Belle
Pausing between numbers on the dance floor, this young Romeo holds the hand of a fair Juliet.
A Beautiful Beachside View
A beautiful beachside view.
A Bomb Shelter
A picture of a bomb shelter.
A Box
Staff member interviews admittee
A Boy Looking Outdoors Through the Bars
A shot of a boy looking at outside the window through the cell bars
A Building At The Corner Of Etzel and Temple
An image of an abandoned building at the corner of Etzel and Temple.


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