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St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


A Building At The Corner Of Virginia Ave. and Schirmer St.
A building sticking out at the corner of Virginia avenue and Schirmer street.
A Can of Budweiser
An image of a can of Budweiser being opened.
A Canyon of Construction
A Canyon of Construction greets the eye of the stroller as he looks southward on Fourth street from Washington avenue and views the $45,000,000 Mansion House project taking shape. Still farther along the street is the $12,000,000 Mayfair Riverfront Inn now in the early building stage.
A Case Of Budweiser Beer Destined For President Roosevelt
St. Louis got into the spirit as Eberhard Anheuser of Anheuser-Busch, right, hands a case of Budweiser beer destined for President Roosevelt to an airline pilot.
A Check For $61,994,543
A check for $61,994,543 representing income taxes withheld from the pay of Army and Air Force personnel during first half of this year, was presented yesterday to Collector of Internal Revenue James P. Finnegam (fourth from left) by Brig. Gen. E. J. Bean (left), commanding general of the Army Finance Center.
A Checker At Schnucks
Charlotte Schamel, a checker at Schnucks at 8960 Jennifer Road, gets in the swing for Old Newsboys Day.
A Chef
A chef in the Modern Living Show.
A Chef With a Blender
A picture of a chef with a blender.
A Child With a Balloon
A young child waiting patiently to get a balloon with her mom.
A Child's Dream of Christmas
"A Child's Dream of Christmas," this display in the Globe-Democrat Christmas Lighting Contest won first prize of a $100 bond in the Glasgow Village competition. Displayed by Al Tyrey... it illustrate its theme with a Christmas tree, a Nativity scene a giant Christmas card and lighted reindeer running up the roof. Tyrey used a principle of color television to produce an effect of constantly changing hues over the display.
A Circus Theme at Boatmen's National Bank
A Circus Theme at Boatmen's National Bank helped promote the sale of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspapers for Old News Boys' Days. Surrounded by members of the Batmen's staff costumed in circus attire are (left) Harry F. Harrington, Chairman of the Board and (right) David H. Morey, President.
A City Carrier
A city carrier.
A Co-Winner in the Unlimited
A co-winner in the unlimited cost residential class was this home of Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Wolk... An outstanding part of the display was an angel on the roof and the Virgin Mary in the breezeway.
A Cocktail Hat is Chosen for a Fashion Mag
"Miss Suzanne Mauze(left) and Mrs. James A. Singer choose a cocktail hat in a fashion magazine to be worn during the party, given for the benefit of the foundation, which is raising $2,500,000 to construct and equip a 125-bed general hospital at Clayton road and Lindbergh boulevard."
A Communications Unit Advances Into The Woods
This photo was taken as a Red Army telephone unit was advancing into position in the wooded territory.
A Contribution From Southwestern Bell
Bill Wilkerson gets a contribution from Laverne Maclin of Southwestern Bell.
A Couple Inside their Mansion House Apartment
A man stands on the balcony admiring the view as his wife sets the table.
A Couple on the Balcony
A Mansion House Apartment couple share a couple of drinks on the balcony of their apartment. The St. Louis Gateway Arch can be seen in the distance.
A Crowd Forms At the Arena
A crowd of people pack the Arena.
A Crowd Gathers In the Arena For a Show
Fans crowd the Arena's floor in anticipation for the show to begin.
A Curious Crowd
A curious crowd (left) gathered yesterday in front of the Franklin Loan and Mercantile Company, 1400 Franklin, where a city detective, William J. O'Brien, was killed and two proprietors of the pawn shop were wounded by two holdup men.
A Dad-Son 'Evening Out'
A Dad-Son 'Evening Out' Sunday as guests of the St. Louis Hawks at Kiel Auditorium finds these Globe-Democrat "little Merchants" and their fathers engrossed in the game as the locals edged the Rochester Royals, 86 to 85. In front are Robert L. Yonker... with his son, Robert S., 12. Behind them are Jimmy Murray, 12, and his dad, R. A. Murray...
A Date With The Sandman
After twoand one-half hours of dancing with C.M.T.C. youths, fatigue manifests itself.
A Day As Old Newsboys Makes Bankers Feel Good
Mercantile Trust Co. employees get ready for Old Newsboys Day. From left are Donnell Reid, Joan Machlis, Raymond W. Peters II, and David Stoecker.
A Day at the All-Star Classic
Attending the first annual classic, from left in the front row are Gen. Howell M. Estes, commander of Military Airlift Command at Scott Air Base; Gov. Warren E. Hearnes; Globe-Democrat Publisher Richard H. Amberg; Mrs. Hearnes; Mrs. Ambreg; Mrs. Thomas F. Eagleton and Lt. Gov. Eagleton. At right in second row are Brig. Olin N. Brigman, Midland Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army, and Salvation Army Territorial Commander Lt. Commissioner Paul J. Carlson, Brig. Gordon A. Foubister also attended.
A Day at the All-Star Classic
Halftime Break. With the North team ahead, 10-0, fans get up to stretch during halftime. Performing on the field is the Golden Eagle Band of Southeast Missouri State College. The Gabrielettes, the St. Louis Cadets and the Memorial Lancers also entertained.
A Demonstration At Jefferson Barracks
Learning about a .30-caliber Browning machine gun, on the plaza at Grand and Washington.
A Family Affair
"The Family Service and Visiting Nurse Association will be taking up the cause of kids in the Alton area Tuesday, Carrying the flag for Old Newsboys Day will be, from left, Willie walker, Pat Cagle, Donna Fry, Rita Simon and Jerry Podesra."


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