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St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


A Family Transaction
A Family Transaction took place Tuesday morning when Myrtle Elfrank bought a Globe-Democrat Old Newsboy Edition from her husband, Jim Elfrank. Elfrank and Sony Winston (right) members of the Twin City Area Chamber of Commerce, have been selling Old Newsboys papers at Central Avenue and North Mill Street for five years.
A Fatso Work Out
The guy in the helmet is Joe Pollack, public relations director for the Football Cardinals.
A Financial For Every St. Louisan
A shot of the building next to Mississippi Valley Trust Co. on Broadway & Olive
A Former Woman of Achievement and Friend
"Looking forward to the luncheon are Mrs. Edwin M. Clark (left), 1956 Woman of Achievement, and Mrs. Robert N. Arthur."
A Freshly Baked Cake
Smelling a freshly baked Fourth of July cake are (from left) Marilyn Raut, Barbara Meyer and Joyce Kiely.
A Glimpse Along the Wall Street of St. Louis
Looking north on Broadway from Pine street, where numerous banking institutions make their home.
A Globe-Democrat Gathering
A group gathers for the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. G. Duncan Bauman, Publisher, stands in the middle of the back row. Aaron Benesch, Managing Editor, stands to his right.
A Globe-Democrat Woman of Achievement
A woman is presented with a Globe-Democrat Women of Achievement Award.
A Globe-Democrat Woman of Achievement From 1975
A Globe-Democrat Woman of Achievement for the year 1975 receiving her inscribed silver plate at the Women of Achievement luncheon
A Globe-Democrat Woman of Achievement Recieving Her Award
"Congratulations are extended to Mrs. Eric P. Newman by Richard H. Amberg, publisher of The Globe-Democrat, as he presents her a silver plate signifying her selection as a Woman of Achievement. Mrs. Newman was cited for creative philanthropy."
A Globe-Democrat Women of Achievement Honoree Recieves Her Award
"Woman of Achievement in the Lifetime category, Mrs. Mabel Hinkley, receives her inscribed sterling silver bowl from Globe-Democrat publisher Richard H. Amberg. Applauding the proceedings is Bishop Eugene M. Frank, president of the Metropolitan Church Federation of Greater St. Louis."
A Gold Medallion For a Helping Hand
A gold medallion bearing a symbolie globe and the words "St. Louis Globe-Democrat Man of the Year" will be worn by a select group of St. Louis women beginning this year. The medallion, which can be fastened as a bracelet or a chain necklace, was presented for the first time this week to Mrs. Howard F. Baer, wife of the 1971 Man of the Year.
A Grand Dressing-Room Entrance
A Grand Dressing-Room Entrance is excuted by McVoy Hafen of Vanderoort's at the conclusion of the show.
A Group From Owensville High School
A group from Owensville High School at 8th and Olive streets.
A Group of Old Newsboys
A group of men and women selling editions on Old Newsboys Day.
A Hand Book Doing A National Business
A hand book doing a national business was raided yesterday by the police gambling squad in a basement under the Charles O'Gorman Real Estate Company, 911 Chestnut St.
A History of Elections
"A History of Elections, made up of after-election day front pages of the Globe-Democrat from 1880 to 1948, is on display in a window of Boyd's, 600 Olive st. A throng of people gathered at lunch hour yesterday to read the historic election reports. A similar display may be seen in the lobby of the Globe-Democrat building, 1133 Franklin ave."
A Hot Dog and a Coke
A hot dog and a coke are just the thing to perk up a fella after viewing the many wondrous sights at The Globe-Democrat Modern Living Show. From the left, munching away, are: Brad, 2; Dale, 4, and Mike, 3, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Duvall... and Terry Cline, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Cline...
A Hundred Years Ago, A Militiaman Slept On The Ground
Now, terrazo steps, wrought iron railings, glazed tile walls and ceiling lights are going up in the new Armory for his benefit.
A Knock-Down, Drag Out Process on the Riverfront
It looks like a tornado or cyclone has visited this section of eastern St. Louis, but the fact of the matter is that this is just the result of a clearing-away process in preparation for the Riverfront Plaza. The photo was taken yesterday from the Merchants' Exchange Building, looking southeast from Third and Chestnut streets. Note the cross-topped spire of the famed Old Cathedral toward the right.
A Large Mural Showing The Operations
A large mural showing the operation of a major a St. Louis drayage warehousing and contract hauling firm, Columbia Terminals Company, has been completed at the company's offices, 1209 Washington ave. The mural, which shows the growth and scope of the firm's activities in the last 50 years, is the work of Glenn Holse, Washing University Art School senior.
A Little Lady
A little lady, Meredith Emas, put on her gloves, before appearing in the children's scene in her "Sunday best" coat of cherry parfait wool by Mode Kiddie, one of the selections from Scrugg-Vandervoort-Barney.
A Little Trucking At the Army Ball
The opening gunof the social season for the Citizens' MilitaryTraining Corps is a dance at Jefferson Barracks.
A Long-Time City
A long-time city firm, Forshaw of St. Louis, was founded here 92 years ago.
A Look Into The Rally
One of the motivational speakers is faced with a full crowd at the Positive Thinking Rally in St. Louis.
A Look at the Wooden Tire
Stroh Auto Delivery Company workers take a close look at their wooden tire.
A Lot of Empty Seats at the Arena
There were more than a few empty seats at the Arena.
A Lunch-Hour Pracitce Session
"A lunch-hour practice session is held by the Harris Teachers College Mixed Chorus under the direction of Wirt D. Walton. The group will participate in the presentation of the Globe-Democrat's Christmas Choral Pageant next Thursday evening at Kiel Auditorium."


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