P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection

The Ruth Ferris Collection is a large archival collection related to the inland rivers of North America. Included among the collection's many items are photographs, bills of lading, note cards, newspaper clippings, essays, and realia.
Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library
P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection Bills of Lading
This series of the Ruth Ferris Collection consists of bills of lading. Bills of lading are documents that were issued by a steamboat, steamboat line, or a third party such as a commissioning agent and issued to the customer to give a receipt of proof of shipment on a steamboat.
P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection Photographs
Photographs from the Ruth Ferris Collection include photographs of vessels, important personages to the inland waterways, and of towns and sites along the North American waterways.
P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection Prints
This part of the Ruth Ferris Collection contains prints, mostly lithographs taken from illustrated periodicals in the 19th century.
P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection Realia
This part of the Ruth Ferris Collection contains realia related to the North American inland waterways, such as packet tickets, brochures, menus, invitations and the like. Bills of Lading are located at Ruth Ferris Collection Bills of Lading.

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