P-003: Ruth Ferris Collection General River Photographs

The Ruth Ferris Collection General River Photographs contain photos of the places, sites and towns important to the inland rivers of North America.
Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library
Bellerive Park
Two men staring out at the Mississippi River from Bellerive Park, winter time.
Bellerive Park
Bellerive Park in the winter, with ice on the Mississippi River.
Christ Church Cathedral
Compton Hill Congregrational Church
Photograph of Compton Hill Congregational Church, 1640 South Compton Avenue.
Court House
Old Court House, St. Louis, Missouri.
Ead's Bridge.
Ead's Bridge, Art Work of St. Louis. On the riverfront are the IDA PATTON (1888-1937). Tug - built at Dubuque. Iron Hull, steam propeller. Capt. L.E. Patton had her built for towing logs up Wolf River to Mills. GOLDEN GATE (1878-1903). Stern only shown. Built at Dubuque. 131.4 x 30 x 4.
Saint Louis Riverfront
Boats lined up along the St. Louis levee. Union Elevator visible on the Illinois shore. Boats are, from left to right, unnamed, the snagboat C. R. Suter, the showboat French's New Sensation, and a steamer ----lyde. Date range of photograph could be from 1888 to about 1910.
Saint Louis Riverfront, Circa 1900
Photograph of the St. Louis Riverfront, circa 1900. The U. S. Snagboat Horatio G. Wright is in the background. Positioned in front of it is the steam tug, Ella St. Clair, which operated on the riverfront from 1898 - 1902. An excursion steamboat and another boat are to the right of the image. Women and children are walking the levee.
St. Louis Riverfront
Panoramic photograph of St. Louis, Missouri, 1865. Identifiable steamboats (from left to right) are: EDWARD WALSH, WARSAW, U. S. Mail Line C. E. KILLMAN, SULTANA, and EMPRESS. The Old Courthouse rises above the rest of the skyline.

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