M-114: Records of the Saint Louis Lyceum

The Saint Louis Lyceum was a public forum for lectures and debates in early St. Louis. It was founded in 1838 in the spirit of the Lyceum Movement, a national effort towards self-improvement and community led education for adults. It maintained and built upon the library of the city's first subscription library, the St. Louis Library Association, which was founded in the early 1820s. The Lyceum overlapped in activities and collections with the Young Men's Lyceum and the Mechanics' Institute of St. Louis. The archives and books of these early libraries were bought by the Mercantile Library in the early 1850s, and became a cornerstone bibliographic collection at the Mercantile. This collection was reassembled from the stacks of the Mercantile through study of the original accession records concerning the acquisition in 1851. The larger collection consists of approximately 500 printed books and pamphlets from this early book collection, some with association annotations, original ownership marks, or bookplates. Most of the scanned materials relate to the week to week meeting minutes, circulation records, and founding documents.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis
Constitution and By-Laws of the Mechanics' Institute of St. Louis
This published constitution and by-laws for the Mechanics' Institute of St. Louis contains the list of officers, the board of managers, and the officers of the board.
Loose Papers of the Saint Louis Lyceum
These papers were saved alongside the circulation and meeting records of the Saint Louis Lyceum. They include drafts, drawings, and some meeting related materials.
Saint Louis Lyceum Circulation Record
Circulation record for the Saint Louis Lyceum, a subscription library and debating club in St. Louis that existed from 1838 to 1851. The record indicates that 870 members borrowed 10,983 volumes from the institution at an unknown time.
Saint Louis Lyceum Meeting Record
The meeting record of the Saint Louis Lyceum is a large hand-written book recording the institution's founding constitution, by-laws, and meeting minutes as recorded by various elected secretaries. It documents the organizations membership, lectures, and debated questions from 1838 into the 1840s.

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