St. Louis Globe-Democrat Photographs: Missouri Towns

Photographs related to Missouri towns can be found here: buildings, clubs, organizations, and the like. People may be found here in the context of larger institutions or as parts of crowds and events, but for photographs of individual Missourians please consult the St. Louis Globle Democrat Photographs - People collection.
St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis
Fair Housing Pickets in University City, Missouri.
FAIR HOUSING PICKETS IN U. CITY -- Pickets march in front of the Supreme Management Corp. at 6621 Delmar bl. in University City to protest against alleged housing discrimination at an apartment project operated by the firm in Berkeley. The picketing was sponsored by the Berkeley and University City Freedome of Residence committees, University City Civic Association, CORE and ACTION. Picketing was held Friday and Saturday and is expected to continue Monday.
Hazelwood Fire Department
PREPARING FOR EASTER EGG HUNT are members of the Hazelwood Fire Department, who are cooking and coloring 240 dozen eggs for the event, which starts at 2 p. m. Sunday behind the Hazelwood City Hall, 9150 Highway 66. They are Charles Hauck of 617 Holiday Ave., chairman of the hunt; Capt. Joseph McNamara, 7113 Fordshire la.; Wayne Sanders, 803 Bellflower dr.; Bernie McGuire, 7109 McGuire la.; and Chief Joseph Eulentrop, 5 Mary Rose ct. Prizes have been donated by merchants and members of the Hazelwood Board of Trustees.
Hazelwood Firefighters Are Out on Strike Again
Continued from 1A. not promised to follow the board's recommendation. But Walker insisted Harris had told him the recommendation would be followed. "We shook hands on it. He's a liar. He's reneged. He double-crossed us," Walker said, adding that the only way the men would return to duty is if Dimetre is reinstated. WALKER SAID HE has already arranged for o ther union fire departments in the area not to respond to calls from...
Hazelwood Firemen
Hazelwood firemen remained off the job after a Sunday morning meeting between city and union officials failed to resolve a dispute stemming from the dismissals of two firefighters. Both sides offered compromises to end the strike which began Saturday afternoon, but both suggestions were rejected. Through the first day of the strike, the substitute fire department devised by Hazelwood officials went untested although several false alarms were received. Police reported no incidents involving pickets by strikers. City Manager Steven J. Harris said he offered to forego disciplinary action against the striking firemen if they would return to work, but that bid was rejected by Richard T. Walker, president of Local 398 of the International Association of Fire Fighters.
Sainte Genevieve, Bolduc House
Residence of Louis Bolduc in Ste. Genevieve, in cellar of which the rich merchant kept his money. This house, still in use, was rebuilt in 1788 from the original structure which stood on the first site of the town and was removed when that site was abandoned.
Sainte Genevieve, Catholic Church
The Catholic church at Ste. Genevieve, oldest town in Missouri, was started in 1794 and was the first of its kind in Upper Louisiana. The present structure dates back to 1835.
Sainte Genevieve, First Brick House
First brick house west of the Mississippi, built about 1785 at Ste. Genevieve, still standing and formerly used as a courthouse. Now a soft-drink parlor downstairs.
Sainte Genevieve, Gregoire Home
The Gregoire home, one of Ste. Genevieve's more "modern" residences, built in 1814 and still doing good service.
University City, Missouri. Teachers' Protest.
Teachers gathered at the Delmar-Harvard School yard to protest and demand a pay raise.

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