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"It Is A Matter Of Opinion Sir..."
"'...And your opinion doesn't matter.' Umpire Lon Warneke assured the Cards' Red Schoendienst that Whitey Lockman indeed was safe at second. That's Lockman looking ready to play Tarzan at the upper right. The arm and leg at left belongs to the Cards' Stan Rojek. Appearances are deceiving. Rojek really wasn't trying to pick up Warneke and make a forward pass with him."
"Now When We Played This Game..."
"At least that's what Frank Crespi (right), reserve infielder on the 1942 Cardinal team which won the world's series from the Yankees, appears to be telling his one-time teammates during the get-together for the Old-Timers game here Sunday. The others are, from left, Howard Krist, Coaker Triplett, Whitey Kurowski and Harry Walker. Walker is a Cardinal coach now and Kurowski manages the Tulsa Oilers in the Texas League. Krist lives in Buffalo, N.Y., Triplett in North Carolina and Crespi is a St. Louisan."
"Oops, Pardon My Foot,"
"Might be Duke Snider's Comment after kicking both the ball and glove out of the hand of Pitcher Royce Lint in the eighth inning of yesterday's Brooklyn-Cardinal game at Busch Stadium. Snider had tripled off Lint, and when he uncorked a pitch which got away from the catcher, Duke took off for home. Cardinal Catcher Bill Sarni retrieved the ball and threw covering the plate, but the Dodger outfielder made sure he wouldn't be tagged by booting the ball out of the way."
"What, No Elephant Trunks?"
The Cardinals' heavy gear doesn't get to Florida by rail express alone.Traveling Secretary Leo Ward (left) and property man Butch Yatkeman do a lot of paper work to help it along. They are shown in the course of the annual spring check yesterday.
1944 World Champion Team Cardinals
Watch to be presented to members of the 1944 World Champion Cardinals during the pennant-raising ceremonies at Sportsman's Park Tuesday night. This is the watch that many members of the Cardinals world champion team of '44 have selected as mementos of their victory and which will be presented to them at the flag-raising Tuesday night.
1951 Coaches and Manager
An image showing (from left) Coach Buzzy Wares, Manager Marty Marion, Coach Terry Moore, and Coach Mike Ryba.
1952 Pitchers
An image of four pitchers for the Cardinals in 1952. From left: Al Brazle, Dick Bokelmann, Gerry Staley, and Cliff Chambers.
1955 Cardinals Outfielders
Cardinals outfielders from left: Bill Virdon, Harry Elliott, Rip Repulski, Wally Moon, and Stan Musial pose for a shot taken in April.
1955 Cardinals Players
An image of players from left: Bill Sarni, Ken Boyer, Hal Smith, and Harry Elliott.
1960 St. Louis Cardinals
An image showing the 1960 St. Louis Cardinals posing for a portrait.
1984 St. Louis Football Cardinals
From the top left to right: #30 Stump Mitchell, Running Back; #31 Earl Ferrell, Running Back; #32 Ottis Anderson, Running Back; #38 Lee Nelson, Strong Safety; #39 Willard Harrell, Running Back; #40 Randy Love, Running Back, and #43 Martin Bayless, Free Safety.
1984 St. Louis Football Cardinals
From the top left to right: #52 Charlie Baker, Linebacker; #53 Craig Shaffer, Linebacker; #54 E.J. Junior, Linebacker; #56 Carlos Scott, Center; #57 Falaniko Noga, Linebacker, and #58 Dave Ahrens, Linebacker.
1986 St. Louis Football Cardinals
From the top left to right: #89 Greg Lafleur, Tight End; #10 John Lee, Kicker; #15 Neil Lomax, Quarterback; #47 Cedric Mack; Wide Receiver and Cornerback; #80 Doug Marsh, Tight End; #76 Stafford Mays, Defensive End; and #30 Stump Mitchell, Running Back.
1986 St. Louis Football Cardinals
From the top left to right: #65 David Galloway, Nose Tackle; #81 Roy Green, Wide Receiver; #75 Curtis Greer, Defensive End; #50 Bob Harris, Linebacker; #42 Bobby Johnson, Strong Safety; #54 E.J. Junior, Linebacker, and #70 Derek Kennard, Guard.
1986 St. Louis Football Cardinals
From the top left to right: #61 Lance Smith, Tackle; #45 Leonard Smith, Strong Safety; #44 Wayne Smith, Cornerback; #83 Pat Tilley, Wide Receiver; #48 Lionel Washington, Cornerback; #24 Ron Wolfley, Running Back, and #43 Lonnie Young, Free Safety.
1986 St. Louis Football Cardinals
From the top left to right: #32 Ottis Anderson, Running Back; #16 Kent Austin, Quarter Back; #60 Al Baker, Defensive End; #52 Charlie Baker, Linebacker; #55 Anthony Bell, Linebacker; #71 Joe Bostic, Guard, and #62 Ray Brown, Tackle.
400-Meter Race
400-Meter Race. Hillman, first; Waller, second; Groman, third; Fleming, fourth; Prinstein, fifth.
A Bench Clearing Brawl
Referee Bryan Lewis (right) keeps a running tally during a bench clearing brawl in the final minuets of the third period between the St. Louis Blues and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The leafs won the game 6-1, bringing their winning streak to 3 games.
A Diving Save
Goalie Brian O'Connell of the St. Louis U. Billikens makes a diving save of a shot by a member of the Air Force Academy during the game at the Checkerdome Friday night.
A Double Killing
"[continued from title] was made by the Cardinals in the second inning of last night's game when Brooklyn Pitcher Preacher Roe grounded to Third Baseman Bill Johnson. Gil Hodges was out at the plate and Roe was doubled at first on Catcher Del Rice's quick throw."
A Duel for the Puck
Blues Number 25 Tim Bothwell and Rangers Number 15 Anders Hedberg duel it out for the puck during the St. Louis vs. New York game at the Arena.
A Game of Cards
An image of players Harry Brecheen (left) and Joe Presko (right) playing a game of cards together.
A General View
"[View] of the press conference at which the sale of the Cardinals was announced, in the sixth-floor board of directors room at the First National Bank, is shown here. From the left, seated at the front, are James P. Hickok executive vice president of the First National Bank; Saigh; Eberhard Anheuser, board chairman of Anheuser-Busch, Inc.; David R. Calhoun, president of the St. Louis Union Trust Company; August A. Busch Jr., president of Anheuser-Busch; Adalbert von Gontard, vice president; John L. Wilson (hidden by light), vice president; Warren Giles, National League president; Anthony A. Buford (standing), general attorney for the brewery; H. Norris Love, a brewery official, and William Walsingham Jr., who will continue as vice president in charge of operations of the baseball club."
A Goal Attempt by Doug Gilmour
All eyes are on Winnipeg Jets' goalie Marc Behrend as a goal attempt by St. Louis Blues' Doug Gilmour bounces above his glove in the first period, 12/4. Jets' Jim Kyte (L), moves in to assist Behrend as Ron Wilson keep an eye on Blues' Greg Paslawski (R).
A Goalie's Nightmare, Three Times Bigger Than Life
The Flyers' rookie line above is the highest scoring trio in the league and one puck among them is worry enough for opposing net men. From left, they're Motto McLean, Guyle Fielder and Marcel Bonin.
A Great Play
"Kept the Cardinals from scoring in the fourth inning of yesterday's game with the Dodgers at Busch Stadium. Here Wally Moon is shown being nailed at the plate in the wind-up of a twin killing engineered by the Dodgers, who won, 2 to 1. The play started when Stan Musial grounded to First Baseman Gil Hodges, who stepped on first, then fired the ball to Catcher Roy Campanella to get Moon."
A Hawk Soars
A HAWK SOARS THROUGH. Bob Pettit of the St. Louis Club drives in for a goal during the first half of the game Tuesday night at Kiel Auditorium. Attempting to head off Pettit is Tom Sanders (left), while Bill Russell (right) watches the play., null
A Kick Save
Billiken goalie Paul Billing makes a kick save as Ohio State's Ed Lisogar moves in behind St. Louis U.'s Marty Schoning (6) for a possible rebound during first period action at the Checkerdome Sunday afternoon. The Bills and Buckeyes played to a 5-5 tie.


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