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A Bench Clearing Brawl
Referee Bryan Lewis (right) keeps a running tally during a bench clearing brawl in the final minuets of the third period between the St. Louis Blues and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The leafs won the game 6-1, bringing their winning streak to 3 games.
A Duel for the Puck
Blues Number 25 Tim Bothwell and Rangers Number 15 Anders Hedberg duel it out for the puck during the St. Louis vs. New York game at the Arena.
A Goal Attempt by Doug Gilmour
All eyes are on Winnipeg Jets' goalie Marc Behrend as a goal attempt by St. Louis Blues' Doug Gilmour bounces above his glove in the first period, 12/4. Jets' Jim Kyte (L), moves in to assist Behrend as Ron Wilson keep an eye on Blues' Greg Paslawski (R).
A Hawk Soars
A HAWK SOARS THROUGH. Bob Pettit of the St. Louis Club drives in for a goal during the first half of the game Tuesday night at Kiel Auditorium. Attempting to head off Pettit is Tom Sanders (left), while Bill Russell (right) watches the play., null
A Lift Over the Glass
It appears st. Louis #27, Gilbert Delorme is giving Toronto's #14 Miroslav Frycer a lift over the glass at the arena. The two collided during first period action. Toronto's Miroslav Frycer and the Blues' Gilbert Delorme collide along the boards during Thursday's 5-3 Blues win at the Arena.
A Little Uncalled Hooking
A little uncalled hooking as Toronto's Chris Kotsopoulos brings down the Blues' Bruce Bell in the first period of action Tuesday night.
A Misfire to the Face
The Blues' Mark Reeds misfires in the face of Caps goalie Al Jensen's defensive pressure.
A Save By Mike Liut of The Blues
Canucks #14 Moe Lemay flies toward the net as Blues goaltender Mike Liut [] gets ready to make a save as Blues #26 Terry Johnson (R) looks on. A penalty was given on the play.
A Shot Blocked Using Chest
Detroit goalie Ed Mio (41) makes a save by blocking St. Louis' center Bernie Federko's shot with his chest during action in the last period here 1/21.
A Shot Scored by Blues Bernie Federko
Redwings Goalie Greg Stefan takes a shot at stopping a shot from Blues Bernie Federko for Blues score during the first period at the Arena Sunday afternoon. A shot by the Blues' Bernie Federko (left) is about to elude Detroit goaltender Greg Stefan for a first-period goal Sunday. John Ogrodnick of the Redwings moves in too late to help.
A Shot That Failed
Toronto's goalie #30 Rick St. Croix positions himself to fend off a shot by St. Louis' #24 Bernie Federko in action during the first period of the game. This shot did not score. Leafs goaltender Rick St. Croix stops a shot by Bernie Federko (center) in the first period.
All-Star Game
The date: July 9, 1957. The place: old Busch Stadium. The event: baseball's all-star game. A crowd of 30,693 watches as Vic Wertz hits a single to drive in Mickey Mantle with the American League's first run. The AL won 6-5, led by Mighty Minnie Minoso who drove in the winning run and also starred in the outfield.
All-Star Game Stadium
The date: July 9, 1957. The place: old Busch Stadium. The event: baseball's all-star game. A crowd of 30,693 watches as Vic Wertz hits a single to drive in Mickey Mantle with the American League's first run.
Although Covered Fore and Aft
ALTHOUGH COVERED FORE AND AFT, the Hawks' Bob Schafer manages to get off a shot during last night's National Basketball Association game with the Boston Celtics at Kiel Auditorium. Schafer, a former Villanova star, seems to be leaning on former Billiken ace Ed Macauley (left) for leverage, while Arnie Risen (19) ties unsuccessfully to block the shot., null
And the Scrap Was Over
Little Slater Martin (in street clothes) took the direct way of stopping a fight between the Hawks' Bob Pettit (left) and Cincinnati Royals' Phil Jordon by grabbing Jordon from behind and wrestling him to the floor. Martin, out of uniform because of an injured leg, kept Jordon pinned until things cooled off. Helping separate the batlers (sic) are three Hawks, Bob Ferry (center), Al Ferrari (11) and Clyde Lovellette., null
Art Plunkett
Art Plunkett blocking for Mitchell. Football Cardinals.
Ballet De Basketball
Easy Ed Macauley of the Hawks (20) and Tom Heinsohn (15) of the Boston Celtics make like a couple of ballet dancers as Easy Ed goes up to grab a rebound in the National Basketball Association operner last night at Kiel Auditorium., null
BASKET-BRAWL. A violently angry Slater Martin (22) is restrained by Coarch Alex Hannum of the Hawks druing the brawl at Kiel Auditorium yesterday. In the foreground, Jack Coleman of the Hawks hankgs onto Nat (Sweetwater) Clifton of the Pistons while Med Park helps from the right. All the players were involved in the battle, which occured in the third quarter of a 95-93 Hawk victory., null
Batting Practice
Newsmen on field during batting practice at the All-Star game.
Bernie Federko Sails In Front of Goalie
St. Louis Blues' Bernie Federko sails in front of Minnesota North Star goalie Don Beaupre during first period of 4/22 Norris Division Championship. The teams are tied at three games each in this best-of-seven series.
Bernie Federko With the Puck
St. Louis Blues Bernie Federko moves puck towards the Blues end of the ice as Minnesota North Stars Number 3 Bob Rouse moves in. The Blues' Bernie Federko (left) moves up ice as the North Star's Bob Rouse closes in during the 4-2 St. Louis victory Saturday night at The Arena.
Bill Mackenzie
Bill MacKenzie with the Windsor Bulldogs. Also played with the New York Rangers. Played defense. Photo believed to be taken between 1934-1936.
Blocking Out Goalie For a Scoring Shot
Blues Mark reeds blocks out goalie Richard Brodeur as Bernie Federko's shot flies into the upper right corner of the goal for the Blues first score of Wednesday night's game at the Arena. Mark Reeds (15) swats a shot past fallen Vancouver goalie Richard Brodeur during the Blues' 4-0 shutout of the Canucks.
Blocking the North Stars
While the Blues' Mike Liut is busy making a save, The Blues #4 Rik Wilson tries to throw North Stars' Keith Acton off balance while he made the shot. In the background is #23 Brian Bellows. Blues defenseman Rik Wilson pushes Minnesota's Keith Acton off balance, but not before Acton fires a shot that goaltender Mike Liut stops during Monday's game. The North Stars' Brian Bellow moves in on Liut.
Blues Blocking a Goal
St. Louis Blues' Ric Nattress slams Toronto Maple Leafs' Peter Ihnacak into Blues' goalie Rick Wamsley as Wamsley blocks Ihnacak goal attempt in the first period, 11/12.
Blues Crowd
Crowd at a Blues game.
Blues Doug Gilmour and Minnesota Goalie Gilles Meloche
The Blues' Doug Gilmour and Minnesota Goalie Gilles Meloche watch a loose puck.
Blues Goalie Blocks Shot by Montreal 1985
Blues goalie Mike Liut kicks out a shot by Montreal's Ron Flockhart (29).


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