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St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri-St. Louis


A Dormitory In the Detention Home
Above... are views from each end of a dormitory in the detention home. The plywood on the walls covers holes in the plaster from escape attempts and wear and tear.
A Dormitory In the Detention Home Pt. 2
...Below are views from each end of a dormitory in the detention home. The plywood on the walls covers holes in the plaster from escape attempts and wear and tear.
A Huge Cross
The inter-denominational "Cross of Peace" atop Bald Knob Mountain is a personal project of Wayman Presley, the retired Makanda, Ill., rural mail carrier who, with the help of friends, raised funds for the project. It is 111 feet high and has a steel framework covered with steel panels fused with white porcelain. The cross was dedicated on Easter Sunday, 1964. The first Easter service was held there in 1937.
A Prisoner's Escape
The area where five prisoners cut through the bars [at the St. Clair County, Ill. Jail] and escaped early Tuesday morning.
Bell Telephone's "Conehead"
Workmen hoist a microwave cone onto the roof of the Illinois Bell Telephone switching station in Alton Monday. The $500,000 transmitter will replace telephone cables attached to a bridge connecting St. Charles and St. Louis counties. The cone will handle 1,344 long-distance telephone calls in the Alton-Wood River area simultaneously, officials said.
Demolishing the Jail
Chas. Green and Arnold Spirtas who will demolish the old jail. St. Clair County Jail was built in 1885-marking above entrance.
Edwardsville, Illinois
Main Street, Edwardsville, Illinois. Photograph includes Edwarsville National Bank, Motz Hardware, Silverbloom, Ballweg Drugs and Chamber's Mens Wear.
Infamous Memories Remain
A bulldozer scrapes up the last remnants of the infamous St. Clair County Jail in Belleville, known for squalor and escapes. It has been replaced by a $4 million complex.
Monument Honors Slain Pioneers
This monument, erected in 1936, marks the site of the only Indian atrocity in Washington County. It honors the John Lively family and David Huggins, moved to Covington in 1810, near a spring that gurgled from a hillside. But in 1813, shortly after the Huggins family left the site, Indians murdered the Lively clan with the exception of a single son, who escaped into the woods. Today, the five Lively graves are near the marker but it is difficult to see because there is no road leading to it.
New Juvenile Detention Home
A new juvenile detention home is being built in St. Clair County. County officials hope the building, which will cost $2 million and can house up to 26 juveniles, will be occupied by fall.The state had threatened to close the old detention home, which was a converted residence, because it didn't meet standards.
Rock Looks Like an Old Woman
A Harrisburg science teacher in 1915 saw in this rock formation the 12-foot likeness of an old woman with deeply furrowed brows and jaws, bulbous nose and jutting chin.
Second-Floor Window
Bars on a second-floor window are barely held in place.
She Looks Old, And She Is-
The "Old Stone Face" of Saline County, Ill., has been staring out over the countryside for many thousands of years. But, the natural rock conformation was apparently discovered for the first time in 1915, by Clarence Bonnell, a Harrisburg, Ill., teacher and author.
St. Clair County Juvenile Detention Center
There are only two authorized juvenile detention centers for a 15-county area in Southern Illinois One center above, is in Belleville, the St. Clair County seat; the other is in Edwardsville, the Madison County seat.
Students Protest Against SIUE President Delyte W. Morris
PROTESTING RESIGNATION of Dr. Harold W. See as vice president of Southern Illinois University and dean of its Southwestern Illinois campus are students who demonstrated outside the East St. Louis Branch Friday., Delyte Morris was the President of SIUE from 1948-1970.
The Basement Recreation Room
Above is a recreation room at the home with its single piece of equipment- a table tennis table.
The Gehrig General Store
Don Gehrig, left, and his brother Ken run the Gehrig General Store in Alhambra. The store sells everything from lawnmowers to groceries to refrigerators to auto parts. They employ 24 people. Don Gehrig (1) and his brother Ken run the Gehrig General Store. (The store is a corporation owned by Don, Ken, and their parents). The store sells everything from lawnmowers to groceries to refrigerators to auto parts. They employee 24 people.
The Juvenile Detention Home Looks Pleasant
From the outside, the St, Clair County Juvenile Detention Home looks quite pleasant.
The Metal Lattice Work
The Metal Lattice Work which was sawed and bent into a one-foot opening by escapees from the St. Clair County Jail is examined by Deputy Mello Gianino.
The Tools Used For a Prisoner's Escape
The hack-saw with the three other blades that were used to cut through the bars and the windows. This occurred at the St. Clair County, Ill. Jail.
The Window Five Prisoners Escaped From
The window where the five escapees leaped out of the jail. This occurred at the St. Clair County, Ill. Jail.


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