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Remarks of the Hon. J. R. Barrett of St. Louis
Columbus, Ohio Flood Views 1913
Constitution of the Ohio Association
Address of the Young Men's Democratic Whig Association of St. Louis
Anthracite vs. Fuel Oil
Platform and Principles of the American Party
To the People of Missouri
Charter, Constitution, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations of the Mercantile Library Association of Baltimore
Report of the Twenty-Sixth Exhibition of American Manufactures.
Report of the Commissioners of the Deaf and Dumb Asylum
The Removing Power
Speeches of Peter Carr, Delivered in Joint Session of the Legislature of Missouri, January 27, 1855.
Look At Your Taxes
Report on the Fire Departments of Cincinnati and St. Louis and the Use of Steam Fire Engines
Charters and Organization
Pomarede's Original Panorama of the Mississippi River
Views of the Great Kansas City Flood


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