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M-010: Augustus A. Blumenthal Letter
M-051: Thomas Jefferson Collection
A Circular Letter to the Churches Under the Care of the Synod of Missouri
Note to William Hunter
M-011: Daniel Boone Letter
M-172: John O'Fallon Letter
George Washington to Thornton Fleming, Valantine Cooke, and William McLenaham
Military Pass for Tobias Lawrence [Forgery]
M-370: German Sisters Captivity Letter
George Washington To Mr. [William] Hunter, integral address cover docketed by Hunter.
M-001: John Quincy Adams Letter
Letter of Mr. Johnston, of Louisiana, to the Secretary of the Treasury
J.S. Morgan & Co. Letter of James B. Eads
M-016: Buchanan, James
Letters of Albert Gallatin, on the Oregon Question
Letters from Hon. Waddy Thompson and Others
Letter from John Jacob Astor to Anthony Charles Cazenove, July 11, 1813
M-006: John Bell Letter
June 11, 1819 Letter
P-064 Yellowstone Expedition Letters


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