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Substandard Dwelling Unites
Harbor of Saint Louis.
(G) Diagram of the State of Missouri
The City of St. Louis Missouri.
Map of the City of St. Louis, Mo.
The City of St. Louis
Group Consolidations of the Railroads of the United States
Campbell's Political Map of Missouri
A View of the Aggregate Population of the several Counties in Missouri
Official Map Chicago Terminal District
Carte Nouvelle de la Louisiane, et de la Riviera de MISSISIPI, de'couverte par fell Mr. de La Salle
United States.
Sheet No: 20
Alton and Southern
Alton and Southern System Map
Sheet No. 1
Sheet No: 3
Map of the State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas
A Proposed Development of the Northern River Front Saint Louis
Plankarte der Deutschen Niederlassung


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