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New Loughborough Bridge
Jefferson Barracks Bridge
New Bridge On Twelfth To Open Today
Boards And Girders Hang Crazily
The Overland Bridge
Inching Across The Meramec River
Old Gravois Road Bridge
McKinley Bridge Toll Collector Posts Cardinal Scores
The McKinley Bridge
The Unprotected Opening Of The McKinley Bridge
The Big Steel Tower
Deteriorated Steel-Work On The Twenty-First Street Bridge
MacArthur Bridge Work
MacArthur Bridge-Traffic Was Tied Up Again
Scene of The Fall At MacArthur Bridge
MacArthur Bridge Workmen
MacArthur Bridge-Scene of Fatal Fall
MacArthur Bridge-Heavy Steel Guard Rails
Boy Plunged 60 Feet From MacArthur Bridge
The MacArthur Bridge, Formerly Named The Free Bridge


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