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Garment District Building
Building A Northwest Corner of Grand & St. Louis ave.
St. Louis Mutual Life Building
Jefferson Mills
Building Construction
New Cenacle Retreat House in County Opened to Public
Religious of the Cenacle Opened Their New Retreat House
Central Concrete Company
Workers at the Central Concrete Company
Employees of the Central States Paper and Bag Company Receive Bonus Checks
Becktold Company-Book Manufacturers
Board of Education Building-Cornice Falls
Board of Education-No Quorum Showed Up
Crowd Waiting To Register at the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners
Busy Bee Candy Company's 35th Anniversary Reunion
Busy Bee Candy Company's 37th Anniversary Reunion
Butler Brothers Branch Warehouse
Burlington Grain Elevator - On Its Way Down
Burlington Grain Elevators Smokestack
Demolition of the Burlington Grain Elevator


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