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Campbell Design Group, Rehab of the Od Cemrel Building.  Ken Chandler and Max Nall, principals of the business
John Glenville Entertains as Part of the Clete Andres Orchestra
Reichert Family
the Crowd Dines and Dances at the Casa-Loma Ballroom
Oskar Mittag at Caroline Mission
Candelet Foundry
Ellen Reichert
Rector Brown, 57, a die caster at Carter
Three Female Guards Militarized by Capt. R. A. Jackson
Twins Show Twin-Barreld Carburetors
Photo of Lab Technician Daryl McKay
F.W. Cook and R.C. Wrausmann Test Carburetor Plant
Industrial Acres for Warehousing, Packaging and Shipping
Mrs. Alice Sinak, Carter Carburator Plant
Juan Morales Installs Outer Cover
Photo of Carter Carburetor Plant at Night
Photo of Carter Carburetor Plant


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