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Speech of Edward Stanley Of North Carolina
The Removing Power
M-111, Series 1: Baptist Pamphlet Collection
  Map to illustrate the route of Prince Macimilian of Wied in the interior of North America from Boston to the upper Missouri
Speech of Mr. Reynolds of Illinois on the Amedment of the Fortification Bill
Speech of Mr. Holmes, of Maine, in the the Senate of the United States
Speech of Mr. Wise (of Virginia)
Discourse on the Surviving Remnant of the Indian Race in the United States
Discussion On American Slavery, Between George Thompson, ESQ., & Rev. Robert J. Breckinridge
Carte des Etats - Unis, a l'suage des Colleges.
Speech of Mr. Grundy, of Tennessee
Speech of Daniel Webster on the Subject of the Public Lands
Reports  from the United States of North America on railroads, steamship travel, banks and other public undertakings

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