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Map of the City of St. Louis, Mo.
Fracl. Township 45 N. R. 7E.
Various Illustrations from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
St. Louis Court House in 1840
Jefferson Barracks - Proclaimation by Winfield Scott
Pomarede's Original Panorama of the Mississippi River
Third Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Mercantile Library Association
Proceedings of the National Railroad Convention
Saint Louis Lyceum Meeting Record
Dangers of Jesuit Instruction
Sequel to Apostolical Succession Examined
Loose Papers of the Saint Louis Lyceum
Description of the Missourium or Missouri Leviathan
"The Rejected Packet" of the St. Louis (Mo.) Repeal Association
An Address Proposing a New Temperance Organization, by John Kercheval
Constitution and By-Laws of the Mechanics' Institute of St. Louis
M-114: Records of the Saint Louis Lyceum
An Address on the Philosophy of Time


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