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Speeches of Peter Carr, Delivered in Joint Session of the Legislature of Missouri, January 27, 1855.
Minutes of the Third Annual Meeting of the Red River Regular Baptist Association
Speeches of Hon. Lewis Cass, of Michigan, in Senate of the United States, Dec'r 11 and 12, 1851
Look At Your Taxes
Report on the Fire Departments of Cincinnati and St. Louis and the Use of Steam Fire Engines
Remarks of the Hon. J. T. Hughes, of Clinton, Co.
Flood at St. Louis, June 18, 1858
Packet Keystone State
A View of Fort Armstrong
St. Louis Levee. 1850
The City of St. Louis Missouri. The City of Chicago Illinois.
Dinner Bill of Fare
American Railroad Journal May 24, 1856
American Railroad Journal January 5, 1850
American Railroad Journal May 17, 1856
American Railroad Journal April 13, 1850
American Railroad Journal April 20, 1850
American Railroad Journal April 27, 1850
American Railroad Journal April 6, 1850


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