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American Railroad Journal June 29, 1850
American Railroad Journal June 15, 1850
American Railroad Journal July 6, 1850
American Railroad Journal July 13, 1850
American Railroad Journal July 20, 1850
American Railroad Journal July 27, 1850
Forty-Sixth Annual Report of the Baptist Missionary Convention of the State of New York
Report of the Superintendent of Common Schools of the State of Missouri
Views of the Vine Growing Resources of St. Louis and Adjacent Counties of Missouri
Fifty-Third Annual Report of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church
The St. Louis Complete Business Directory for 1858
Tenth Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Mercantile Library Association of St. Louis, MO.
The Home Missionary, Vol. XXV. December, 1852. No. 8
Memorial of the Senators and Represenatives, and the Constitution of the State of Kansas
Speech of Hon. John S. Phelps, of Missouri, on the Kansas Election
Thirteenth Annual Report of the New-York Ladies' Home Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church


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