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Conductors' Passenger Tariff Pacific R. R.
The Game of Keno
Mortar Boats In Process of Construction
Sixteenth Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Railroad
Speech of Hon. E. B. Washburne, of Illinois, on the Proposition to Limit the Rates of Fare and Freight on the Pacific Railroad
Loyale Bürger Missouri's
Twenty-First Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Mercantile Library Association
Crevasse on the Lower Mississippi
Map Showing Boundaries of St. Louis at Different Periods
Great Union and Emancipation Meeting Held at Exeter Hall
State of Missouri
Financial Statement of the Pacific Railroad (of Missouri)
U.S. Senate Impeachment of the President; Admit the Bearer Ticket
Mrs. Julia Dent Grant Photograph
Mrs Gen Grant Carte-de-Viste
Cynthia E. Barns Letter
Malt Bitters Puzzle
Grant Carte-de-Visite


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