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Exposition Hall
Map of Saint Louis
McKinley and Roosevelt, Jugate Button
Frankie Baker
Anheuser-Busch Brewery - Celebratory Arch
Anheuser-Busch Brewery - Elks Clebratory Arch
List of Masters, Mates, Pilots, and Engineers of Merchant Steam, Motor, and Sail Vessels 1898
Watson & Co.'s Classified Business Directory of St. Louis and Other Enterprising Cities of Missouri and Illinois, 1899-1900
Gould's St. Louis Directory for 1899 (For the Year Ending April 1st, 1900)
Tennessee Bill of Lading
Sunshine Bill of Lading
Jefferson Barracks - Camp Stephens Artillery Battery, Spanish-American War
Dick Fowler Bill of Lading
Immense Tow of Coalboats
St. Nicholas Hotel. 1898
Directory of the Legion of Honor of the State of Missouri: Issued January 1st, 1898
Third Annual Bulletin of the Engineers' Club of St. Louis
Jefferson Barracks - 1898 Headquarters
Jefferson Barracks - Camp Stephens Tent City 1898


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