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Dick Fowler Bill of Lading
Tennessee Bill of Lading
Sunshine Bill of Lading
M-169: The Emil Boehl Collection
Map of Saint Louis
The Illustrated Guide of St. Louis
Shewey's Pictorial St. Louis Past and Present
Directory of the Legion of Honor of the State of Missouri: Issued January 1st, 1898
Missouri River. Table of Distances From its Mouth to Three Forks, Mont., in Four Sections, Viz
List of Masters, Mates, Pilots, and Engineers of Merchant Steam, Motor, and Sail Vessels 1898
Third Annual Bulletin of the Engineers' Club of St. Louis
P-065 Mississippi-Illinois River Canal (Hennepin Canal) Construction Photographs
Taft and Sherman Jugate Portrait
Watson & Co.'s Classified Business Directory of St. Louis and Other Enterprising Cities of Missouri and Illinois, 1899-1900
Gould's St. Louis Directory, for 1890. (For the Year Ending April 1st, 1891.)


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