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Image 19: October 1892
Image 27: October 1892
Image 26: October 1892
Image 29: November 1892
Image 24: October 1892
Image 22: September 1892
Image 23: December 1892
Jefferson Barracks - 1898 Headquarters
Jefferson Barracks - Camp Stephens Artillery Battery, Spanish-American War
Jefferson Barracks - Old Guard House
Jefferson Barracks - Camp Stephens Tent City 1898
Taft and Sherman Jugate Portrait
Watson & Co.'s Classified Business Directory of St. Louis and Other Enterprising Cities of Missouri and Illinois, 1899-1900
Gould's St. Louis Directory, for 1890. (For the Year Ending April 1st, 1891.)
Pen and Sunlight Sketches of St. Louis
Gould's Blue Book, for the City of St. Louis. 1891. Vol. IX. For the Year Ending November 15th, 1891
St. Louis Up To Date
Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1893-1894
Gould's St. Louis Directory, for 1897 (For the Year Ending April 1st, 1898)
Gould's St. Louis Directory, for 1895 (For the Year Ending April 1st, 1896)


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