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No Drilling Needed For This--Jefferson Barracks
Seeing What Makes It Tick--Jefferson Barracks
Sixth Infantry of Jefferson Barracks
Rookie Training At The Jefferson Barracks
He Knows His Onions--Jefferson Barracks
'What Would You Do?' Asks Maj.-Gen. Drum--Jefferson Barracks
Another Day, Another Shave--Jefferson Barracks
Jefferson Barracks Golf Club
New Army Blue Dress For Jefferson Barracks Officers
Citizens' Military Training Camp at Jefferson Barracks
Jefferson Barracks Citizens' Military Training Camp
Strike Up The Band--Jefferson Barracks
Jefferson Barracks Sixth Infantry
Jefferson Barracks Sixth Infantry
Officers Play Golf On The Jefferson Barracks Course
Decorated For Bravery--Jefferson Barracks
Jefferson Barracks Army Day Parade
The Only 'Casualty', An Overturned Tank--Jefferson Barracks
General Inspects Jefferson Barracks' Sixth Infantry
Soup's On at Jefferson Barracks


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