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George Wallace "Stand Up For America" Brochure
Taft Watch Fob
Swallow and Carroll Button
The Independent Voters Handbook
Things Look Better Already; Goldwater for President Cardboard Glasses
Triple H Humphrey Bumper Sticker
Theodore Roosevelt on Gold Button
Who Did your Voting Machine Vote for? Bumper Sticker
W.S. Hancock/W.H. English Medal
Young Men's National Whig Convention of Ratification Ribbon
Vote Carter Mondale Handbill
Election Blanks Envelope
Woodrow Wilson Postcard
Republican Rally! Flyer
Newsweek Democratic Convention Scorecard
Michael Dukakis Handbill
Vote Tuesday Door Hang
Vote Art Poster
State Requirements Governing the Elective Franchise
I'm for STU Sticker


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