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Viewing the Proceedings of the Women of Achievement Luncheon
1963 Globe-Democrat Women of Achievement Luncheon
Applauding the 10 Women of Achievement
Specifications General Motors 2000 H.P. "Lead" Unit Diesel-Electric Passenger Locomotive
Specification 1000 H.P. 125-Ton Diesel Switching Locomotive
Spelling Bee Afternoon Round Winners
Girl, 11, Spots Foot Warmer, Wins Contest
Bridgeton Girl Writes Best Essay on Old Sugar Cutter
Workman Atop KWK Tower
Memory of Life in France Helps Boy Win Contest
Crestwood Girl Identifies 'What Is It' Mousetrap
Nine-Year-Old Boy Contest Winner
Women at Globe Democrat Luncheon
Women of Achievement Luncheon
Spelling Bee Morning Session Winners
Globe-Democrat Radio Tower
Guests at The Globe-Democrat Women of Achievement Awards
Previous Winners of Women of Achievement Awards
Part of Crowd at Globe-Democrat Luncheon
They Are All Women of Achievement


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