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Richard Nixon: "A New Alignment For American Unity" Pamphlet
Trump Eagle sticker
Itinerary for Charles E. Hughes Third Western Trip, New York Central
"Souvenir Folder of McKinley's Birthplace, Niles, Ohio." Postcards
Prosperity At Home, Prestige Abroad Button
Protect the Future of America Card
Nixon Print Ad
Roosevelt and Fairbanks Jugate with Flag Button
Socialist Party - Debs for President Button
Socialist Party, Workers of the World Unite Button
S. Grover Cleveland, President of the U.S. Medal
Desegregate The Schools! Poster
Girl Scouts Voting Sticker
William M. McKinley/Theodore Roosevelt Straight Razor
Walter W. Sloan Auto Litter Bag
George McGovern Democratic Primary Sample Ballot
America 8, Nixon 0 Bumper Sticker
Full Dinner Pail Button
Automatic Voting Machine "Avoid Costly Election Contests" Print Ad
Full Dinner Pail Button (Small)


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