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Minutes of the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Missouri Distric Association
Strictures on a Publication Entitled, Clark's Gas Blowpipe
The Thirteenth Annual Report of the New York Association for Improving the Condition of the Poor
A Discourse on the Medical Police of the City of New York
Blueprint Survey of South Chicago site Oct 12, 1948
Fillmore and Donelson, Songs for the Campaign
An Examination of the Strictures in the New England Journal
Dissertations on Cynanche Trachealis or Croup; And on The Functions of the Extreme Capillary Vessels in Health and Disease
Minutes of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Association, 1842
Second Annual Report of the Directors of the Young Men's Library Association of Worcester
The Substance of an Address Delivered Before the Missouri Bible Society
Union Station
Minutes of the Twenty-Second Anniversary of the Missouri United Baptist Association
An Address on the Philosophy of Time
Minutes of the Straight Creek Association
Remarks On the Resolution Adopted By the Honourable the Board of Health of the City of New York, on the 6th Nov.
A Chronological History of New England
Impartial History of the Late Revolution in France


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