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Inside of a Room in the Jewel Apartments
Urban West Apartments at 5370 Pershing ave.
Celebration at Tower Grove Bank
Boatmen's Bank - Moving Day to Boatmen's Tower
Jeff-Vander-Lou Apartments
Best Wishes
Load Limit Fifteen Tons
Bridge Construction Coming To An End
Bridge--60,000 Frustrations
One of the Signs Supporting Last Year's St. Louis County Bond Issue
County Trucks, Employees Used To Boost Bonds
McKinley Bridge Concrete
Deterioration On The McKinley Bridge
Corrosion On The McKinley Bridge
McKinley Bridge Toll Booths
Corrosion and Deterioration On The McKinley Bridge
The Now Empty Ranelagh-Wilmar Apartments
Building Failure
Building Deterioration
An Abandoned Building


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