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A Map of Carolana and of the River Meschacebe
  Map to illustrate the route of Prince Macimilian of Wied in the interior of North America from Boston to the upper Missouri
Floodwaters Rushing Through a Crevasse
Louisiana - Inhabitants of - Levees - Mississippi. Petition Relative to Levees on the Mississippi.
Edwards' Descriptive Gazetteer and Commercial Directory of the Mississippi River
Refugees and Animals
Flood Refugees
Melville, Louisiana During 1927 Flood
Coast Guard Work
Cows on a Levee
Levee Repair
Flood Refugees
Course of the River Mississippi, from the Balise to Fort Chartres
Animals Aboard Barge
Boat Launching
Bell Tents
Refugees and Household Goods
Melville, Louisiana During 1927 Flood
Rushing Floodwaters Destroying a Home
Search and Rescue Operation


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