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Letter from Captain Enos B. Moore About Boat Scheduling With Ice 1858
Letter from Captain Enos B. Moore to His Brother Discussing Business
P-086  Frank Fiske Missouri River Photograph Album
Lemasson or Henry Lewis, St. Louis Riverfront after the Great Fire, 1849
Map of the Properties and Railway Terminals of the Wiggins Ferry Company
P-084: Captain Enos B. Moore Diaries and Correspondence
Streckfus Family Photograph Album
P-103 Morse, William H. California Gold Rush Correspondence
P-025 Bruckner, Edward Narrative About Breaking of 1910 Ice Gorge at St. Louis
P-098 Rothgeb, Samuel Correspondence Collection
P-094 Milroy, Henry Bruce Diary
Steamboat R.C. Gunter
Jefferson Barracks - Ridge Road


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