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It's the Republican Debt Stupid!
Don't Blame Me, I Voted For McGovern Bumper Sticker
Dick Gephardt For President Stickers
Don't Let This Happen to You! Vote for Ike!
Picard Riker '96 Bumper Sticker
Nixon Jewelry brochure
McGovern/Shriver Bumper Sticker
Protection for American Labor
Landon - Knox GOP
Where All Men Are Equal Cartoon
Woman's Roosevelt Memorial Association Button
Win With Rockefeller For President Bumper Sticker
That's a Big Vote You're Carrying
Trump Pence Make America Great Again! Bumper Sticker
To Keep the Nation Firm, Give Him Another Term
Eugene McCarthy "A Portrait of a Leader In His Own Words" Brochure
Automatic Voting Machines 1944 Election Print Ad
Protection Sound Money Button
Presidential Debate of 1992 Button
Walkin' Down to Washington Card


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