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Construction of the Graybar Building
Parking Lot with Doctor Parking Sign, Clayton, MO
Skateboarder on Clayton, MO Parking Lot
Officer Eric Adams on Crime Scene in Clayton, MO
Fountains at the Clayton Tower Building
Clayton, MO Post Office
Clayton, MO Apartment Conversions
Chromalloy Plaza, Clayton, MO
Clayton, MO Executive Plunges to His Death
Clayton Library Turned City Office
Voters at Clayton Polling Place
Proposal for New One-Way Street System for Clayton
Metric Speed Signs, Clayton, MO
Voter Line at the Clayton Fire Department
Season's Greetings Parking Notice
Clayton Retirement Fund Board of Trustees
Harland Bartholomew and Associates Sculpture
Members of the Clayton Plan Commission
Contrast of Buildings in Clayton, MO
Proposition of Clayton Inn Center


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