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Buck Elk Bill of Lading
Operation NEAT
Golden Eagle
R. H. McElroy
Illustrations of the West End Club-House
Gene C. Hutchinson
Michael R. Aldritch
American Railroad Journal November 3, 1849
Jefferson Barracks - Proclaimation by Winfield Scott
Funeral of a German Prisoner of War at National Cemetery, Jefferson Barracks
Apex Oil Co Building
Report of Committee on Co-ordination of Terminal Facilities and Operations at Decatur, Illinois
Eads Bridge Train Deck
Eads Bridge-Flea Market
Eads Bridge Named One of the Most Significant Spot in the Area
American Railroad Journal July 14, 1849
American Railroad Journal February 3, 1849
American Railroad Journal March 31, 1849
Replica of A Six-pack Of Budweiser Beer
Anheuser-Busch's Staff


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