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Missouri First Voters, Taft League Button
NBC News Election Year '68 Badge
Platform for the People Brochure
Grant Carte-de-Visite
Harper's Weekly "Now You See What I Did About It" Cartoon
Hoover for President Club Card
McKinley and Roosevelt Jugate, Blue Button
McKinley and Roosevelt, Jugate Button
McCarthy for President Flyer
McCarthy for President '68 Bumper Sticker
McGovern/Shriver '72 Bumper Sticker
Our Senior Citizens McGovern Print Ad
Theodore Roosevelt "Our President" Button
One Vote, Barry Goldwater Coupon
"Our County is a Key to a Nixon Victory" Door Hanger
Harper's Magazine - Political Developments of 1864
President Ford '76 Brochure
Taft on Blue Button
Progressive Party, Roosevelt/Johnson Certificate
Nixon's The One Bumper Sticker


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