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Minutes of the Ninth Annual Meeting of the North Liberty Association of United Baptists
Minutes of the Seventh Annual Session of the Saline Regular Baptist Association
Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Session of the Northern Association of United Baptists
Proceedings of the Fifth Anniversary of the White River Arkansas Baptist Convention
A Discourse on the Medical Police of the City of New York
Fourth Annual Report of the New-York Young Men's Christian Association
Second Annual Report of the New York Young Men's Christian Association
Report of the Board of Managers of the State Lunatic Asylum
Report of the Auditor of Public Accounts, of the State of Missouri, to the Nineteenth General Assembly
Minutes of the Sixth Annual Meeting of the Panola Baptist Association
An Examination of the Strictures in the New England Journal
Minutes of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Association, 1842
Report of the Auditor of Public Accounts, to the Eighteenth General Assembly
Letter From Col. Benton to the People of Missouri


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