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Jas. G. Blaine Medal
George McGovern Democratic Primary Sample Ballot
John Kerry-John Edwards Plan Card
"I'm for Mike Dukakis" Ribbon
"I'm for Jesse Jackson" Ribbon
America 8, Nixon 0 Bumper Sticker
Full Dinner Pail Button
Do You Want to Go Back 10 years? Flyer
First Voters, Taft Club Button
Bernie Sanders - Finally A Reason To Vote Sticker
Free Rickshaw Ride Paper Ticket
Full Dinner Pail Button (Small)
Don't Blame Me, I Voted For McGovern Bumper Sticker
Dick Gephardt For President Stickers
Don't Let This Happen to You! Vote for Ike!
Nixon Jewelry brochure
McGovern/Shriver Bumper Sticker
Protection for American Labor
Landon - Knox GOP
Where All Men Are Equal Cartoon


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