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American Railroad Journal
The Waterways Journal, Volume 22, Number 9
American Railroad Journal
Report of the State Treasurer of Missouri
American Railroad Journal February 26, 1848
The Slave Question Speech of Hon. WM. H. Bissell, of Illinois
The Waterways Journal, Volume 39, Number 27
An Address Delivered at Palmyra, Missouri, June 29, 1855, at the Commencement of St. Paul's College
American Railroad Journal
Capitol - Leap Year Party
The War With Mexico
American Railroad Journal
American Railroad Journal
An Inaugural Dissertation on the Sanguinaria Canadensis of Linnaeus
American Rail-Road Journal, Volume 1, Number 7
The Moral Power of Christ's Character
Remarks of the Hon. Jo. Davis, of Howard County
American Railroad Journal
American Railroad Journal, Volume 1, Number 23
Blueprint Survey of South Chicago site Oct 12, 1948


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