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Union Station
Whitey Herzog
Fishing Boats and Dock
Watermelons - Soulard Market
Seascape with Boat and Cliff
The Wakerobin at Covington, Kentucky
Dizzy Dean
Jefferson Barracks Cemetery Chapel
Jefferson Barracks - Soldier Reenactor
Jefferson Barracks - Reenactors, Soldier and Two Women
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetary - Memorial Chapel
Jefferson Barracks - Revolver, Bible, and Tactics Book
Jefferson Barracks - Civil War Reenactors
Jefferson Barracks - Reenactor with Cigar
Bottom of Eads Bridge
Filming Of Budweiser Beer Commercial
Christmas Tree Erected on the Anheuser-Busch Brewery Ground
Mike Carpenter, With New Anheuser-Busch Products
Anheuser Busch-Bold Eagle
Statue of Robert Wadlow


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