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"The Duke in '88" Bubble Gum Cigar
"Win With Bush" Bubble Gum Cigar
Protection and Prosperity Glassware Mug
Rubio Rootbeer
Jimmy Carter Peanut Bank
William McKinley Tray
The Father of His Country Decanter
Obamaccino Coffee Drink
Trump Bottled Root Beer
McCain Mocha Coffee Drink
The Non-Elected President Decanter
Democratic Donkey Mug
"I Like Kennedy" Cigar
First Family Paper Dolls
Sanders Bottled Root Beer
John F. Kennedy and Rocking Chair Salt & Pepper Set
"Our Choice Cleve & Steve" Glass Bottle
"Bet on Bush" Bubble Gum Cigar Set
"Campaign '88, Dukakis For President" Cigarette Pack
"Carpenters and Hillary" T-shirt


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