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Marvin Temple
Automatic Voting Machine Matchbook Cover
7 Reasons Print Ad
Automatic Voting Machines 1944 Election Print Ad
For President William H. Taft Button
"The Duke in '88" Bubble Gum Cigar
"Win With Bush" Bubble Gum Cigar
Catholic Chancery Office Building
Bill & Hill's Big Party Magazine
"Bet on Bush" Bubble Gum Cigar Set
"Clinton for President" Bubble Gum Cigar
Miss Betty Pearia
Specification 900 H.P. 125-Ton Diesel Switching Locomotives
Specification 1000 H.P. 125-Ton Diesel Switching Locomotive
Specification 60-Ton Switching Locomotive
Specification 2000 H. P. "Booster" Unit Diesel-Electric Passenger Locomotive

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