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Addresses Delivered on the Occasion of a Temperance Celebration
Admiral Boarding/Disembarking
Addresses Before the Sons of Temperance
The Waterways Journal, Volume 39, Number 28
The Waterways Journal, Volume 39, Number 27
Constitution and By-Laws of Laclede Division, No. 9
Marvin Temple
Jefferson Barracks - Vehicle Sheds Converted Into Barracks
The Waterways Journal
Jefferson Barracks - Constructing Frames for Tents
Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order
Automatic Voting Machine Matchbook Cover
7 Reasons Print Ad
Automatic Voting Machines 1944 Election Print Ad
For President William H. Taft Button
General Motors diesels in review, 1934-1944 : 10th anniversary of diesel road power on American railroads.
"The Duke in '88" Bubble Gum Cigar
"Win With Bush" Bubble Gum Cigar
The Waterways Journal, Volume 58, Number 1


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