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Beatrice Adams
Minutes of the Convention of the Friends of the Lord's Day from Maryland, Delaware, and the District of Columbia
Plaza Apartments - Front exterior
Plaza Apartments - #10 Plaza Square
Plaza Apartments - Viewed from southeast
Plaza Apartments - Viewed to northwest
Bank of St. Louis - Drive-In
Boatmen's Bank - Drawing for Drive-In Facility
Centerre Bank - One Centerre Plaza
Bank of St. Louis - Signboard
Boatmen's Bank - Lindbergh Flight 40th Anniversary
Sidney Maestre
Globe Fashion Show Performers
Equitable Building 10 S. Broadway
Food Shoppers Awards
Plaza Apartments - Patio-court
Food Shoppers Awards
Ulysses Grant - The Final Photograph
Kaleidoscope Poster Contest Winners
Mrs. Gen. Grant Carte-de-Viste


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